Thursday, February 16, 2017



  The CBI and the program rate...what is going on there?  January 2017 the CBI...all of the sudden the program rate was taken off. 

January 2, 2017...when auctions started...the spreadsheet...the program rate 1184...and then January 12, 2017...we watched it...they had an auction...the numbers disappeared.  ...the program rate is gone...the spreadsheet...the indicative rate.  Why is that significant?

 Articles from the CBI (long time ago) stated that they couldn’t have 2 rates in the same fiscal year.

 When the CBI and the GOI decide to come up with a TRUE RATE...that must happen in the beginning of their FISCAL YEAR...That should have been the 1st week in January 2017.

 It didn’t happen at that time for whatever reason.  They agreed not to postpone.

  The meeting on January 17 to 19th with the IMF...everyone involved...everyone was there...and we believe that that date was a high possibility of them getting the green light to lift the value. 


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