Thursday, February 16, 2017


Bluwolf Thursday Morning Update - ACTUALLY WE ARE HERE !

2-16-17 The smell of freedom is in the air for the first time from the last 200 years.

All things already talked about and expected to occur are now taking it's coming into reality course and they will be revealed  through a domino effect process, just falling into place one behind the other.

As some whom have seen some recent screen rates sort of high, let me informed you that those are just placeholders for all the rates are still floating, but one thing is for sure is that the real rates will be much higher than seen by these folks.

Those that hurry up into many different types of groups with different values of exchange, at the end they will follow after our Internet group and they will be honored with exactly the same rate that I may get ; The Bible states that those that come in last shall come out first.

To my group and the 30 million others thank you for hanging in there for we shall come out first.

NESARA as it seems it is now the official law of our land and that is sure nice to know.

The GCR  has a total GO, did you know that it's authorizatión will be 1 years old on March the tenth.

Way to go on the delay tactics by the greedy elite. Our currencies are all new and are all GOLD BACKED, they are now in all banks awaiting their IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

The 800 shall be out at any given moment and yes this is final.

The turmoil of political events now in DC are being structured to delay our blessings but the guy with the Golden hair knows of that and is pushing forward with this once in a lifetime WORLDWIDE GCR/209 COUNTRIES RELEASE.

That is where we are folks as we speak.

See you at the banks, did you know that we have a REVALUATION !

Na'maste Bluwolf

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