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BGG    Article:  "Iraq joins the transparency in the arbitration agreement between investors and states"

Oh wow - they are REALLY BEATING THIS DRUM right now...  Once international investment has both and way in and a way out - you can have "freedom of movement of capital" - AKA TRUE EXCHANGE...then the IQD will be able to move freely as well.

They may not be "there" just yet, but they aren't far off.

Q:  [You mean freedom as in some form of FREE MARKET ECONOMY!]

BGG:  in every sense of the word.
Some Points of Trump's Speech in Melbourne, FL 2-18-17

Just some points that I pondered when hearing Trump’s speech….guess you could try to read between the lines, or they mean just what they say. Who knows. * our my favorites.

Submitted Anonymously

* we have a big and bold future

. I wanted to talk with you without the filter of fake news

. dishonest media, no sources and they make them up

. media became a big part of the problem/future

* the media is part of a corrupt system

* I will never ever let them (media) get away with it

* They (media) have their own agenda

. The truth becomes polluted when put into the news vehicle

* I’m not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live, or what to believe

. We are free and independent people and we will make our own choices

. I am going to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

* I hear your demands. I hear your voices and I promise you I will deliver

. We will have strong borders again

. Bad, bad people are being thrown out of the country, or are in prison….get them the hell out of my home and bring them back to wherever they came from

. We want a level playing field. We don’t have a level playing field

. Because you understand when American workers win, America as a country wins and wins big

* And every country over the last long period of time has been taken an advantage of the stupid politicians and it’s not going to happen anymore

. You want a govt. that keeps its promise

* Stock markets are hitting new highs

. It’s a new day in America, you are going to be proud again
* My administration has begun plans to crack down on foreign cheating and currency manipulation which is killing our companies and really, really hurting our workers….we are going to end it

. 2 simple rules: 1. Buy American 2. Hire American

. For every 1 new regulation, 2 old regulations must be eliminated

. We are going to stand up for law enforcement and military

. We will protect those who protect us

* Safety is a civil right and we will fight to make America safe again

. We gotta keep our country safe

. We don’t want people in our country that have bad, bad ideas. We want people who love our country, people and traditions

. We are going to build up our military

. Pursue peace through strength

. Down size the bloated bureaucracy

. Make sure our govt. is lean and accountable. We are going to drain the swamp in Washington, DC

. You read fake news

* Brexit: people want to take back control of their country. Take back control of their lives and the lives of the families

* We want the choice to protect our country, protect its values and to serve its great, great citizens

* Global elites: have done very well for their selves. But have left working families w/ shrinking wages. Even working 2 or 3 jobs

* Instead of peace, we see wars that never end, wars that seem to never go away. We don’t fight to win. We fight politically correct wars. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win at trade and we don’t win in any capacity. We don’t win anymore. We are going to start winning again…Believe me!

* And we have the chance now, working together to deliver change for the ages. This will be change for the ages, change like never before.

* To pursue real peace, real stability and real prosperity

* And to replace chasms of distrust with new bridges of opportunities and cooperation

* We must ignore the tired echoes of yesterday’s fights. We are fighting battles that no longer help us. We are fighting battles that other people aren’t treating us fairly in the fight

* No longer are we chained down by the discredited approaches of the past

* No longer must we listen to those who have nothing to brag about but failure

*** New circumstances demand new solutions

· Let us move past the differences of parties and find a new loyalty rooted EQUALLY in our country

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