Friday, February 17, 2017


SpeedyBanana wrote 
Hello room. Just checking in. I just got off the phone with a foreign exchange rep for WF.

I simply asked, "My hypothetical question is, if I have a million Mexican pesos and one day Mexico decided to revalue their pesos to $4USD, would there be a limit on how much can be exchanged and placed into my account seeing as how the exchange would turn into $4 million USD?"

She told me, "There would be no limit as that is your money." I asked because I heard a rumor about someone being told that there would be a $500k limit on exchange at a Credit Union or something like that.

Anyway, the best part came in the end when she thought the call was disconnected. She started freaking out and yelled, "FREAKING NUTJOB!!!! OH MY GOD!!! SECOND ONE IN A ROW!!!" Then the call disconnected.

No pulling of legs going on here. She was really in a tizzy.  She was very calm and collected until the end.

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