Sunday, February 26, 2017


I'm haven't decided yet what to think of this - mostly because I do not believe in an upcoming RV under any circumstances... but on 2/15 my father-in-law went to his bank and asked about Dinar and Dong. He always carries one of each just in case.. 
In this instance the teller said nothing for Dinar, but for Dong .36 per dong. Or was it .39? one or the other). 
Anyway, he pulled out a 25K dong note and they exchanged it for $9504.00.
And here is his receipt...

Hmmm... I been trying to upload but it keeps telling me it's too big... I managed to get it down to 30k... the insert thingy below says max=.098Mb. Someone please tell me how to get a JPG of 30k uploaded...

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