Thursday, February 2, 2017



Maninc56    A New Bank Story
From Jim  ''I never put much stock in all the bank and exchange stories over the years because nothing ever happened afterwards.  I thought they all just wanted their 15 minutes of fame or they got caught up in the illusion of hearing others speak of it, but I actually heard one from a very credible source.

An aunt of a colleague of mine who lives in New Mexico, where my colleague grew up, made friends with a Wells bank manager more than a year ago.  (Based on our conversations both she and her aunt bought currency.)

The bank manager listened to Tony on occasion and owns Dong.  The aunt and the manager spoke every couple of months and always agreed to share anything they found out.  Yesterday the aunt was in town and stopped to see the bank manager  for her normal chat.  The bank manager told her, excitedly, that her branch can now buy and sell Dinar.

Based on my long relation with this family, I have no reason to doubt the information.
If true, this confirms what Ray has been saying and something definitely is in the works as I would see no reason for the banks to get into this market after all this time if there was not a value change coming.

 Let’s just hope something happens.''


Globug:  Yesterday I went to open a new account at a pretty good sized regional bank here in Utah. I asked the personal banker if she knew anything about the GCR and she said, "Yes, we are in the midst of preparing for it." She did not know, however, if they would be handling Zim. So will have to keep my account open at Wells Fargo till I find out.


SassyD:  Kuwait bans visa for 5 Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan -​- February 2, 2017 http://libertyunyielding.com/2017/02/02/kuwait-bans-visa-5-muslim-majo​rity-countries-including-pakistan/

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