Saturday, February 11, 2017


DC Family,
In the past week, I have 2 updates from WF where I have accounts (at the moment). The first was a week ago today, Friday I walked in to do business and asked if they had any news on my currencies. The Lady checked and said that I would have to go to the branch a 1/2 block away, that they now have a foreign currency teller at that location. I beat feet over there and sure enough, they did! I asked her if they were trading the VND, she looked it up and said yes and asked if I needed any? I said no, I had some. She asked "if I did not mind telling her, how much?" I smiled and said "enough." She smiles back, winked, and said "well then, YOU are going to be a very rich man!" She also told me the rate they were selling at on that day was .000038 to $1US. She also said the rate fluctuated and to keep checking, which I have not yet. I also checked on the ZWD & dinar, the dinar is trading, but not the ZWD.

Yesterday, I went to transfer some $$$$ to my daughter. A screen appeared I had never seen (also WF) so I scrolled over it, entered the amount to transfer, & a message came up that this "amount will be immediately sent and available to the receiver." Prior, you could choose between scheduling the send or immediate (which took 24-48 hours) to get to the receiver but was withdrawn on sending account immediately.

I plan on getting back to bank this week to check again but felt the above information pertinent to our waiting "event." I will let everyone know what happens then.

I have only been following this site since August 2016. Quiet as to all the WOW that is being posted. I have learned to remain calm & stay unconnected to most of it. Especially after knowing there are folks that have been on the "ride" for 12+ years! WOW! WOW! WOW! All I can say to that is "God Bless you!" My parents taught me patience, persistence, perseverance, & prayer. Not always in that order of priority. I have known God personally for 45 years. I have been to heaven twice and sent back both times "not my time yet."

I know we all have a purpose. I have gone through life so far and been blessed. I have seen firsthand what my Savior is capable of. It will always be in "His Time," not mine. I have been humbled to pray on hands and knees asking forgiveness. As for this GCR/RV "event," would explain a lot of what I have been through to get to today, this post, and what I can see for a future. That "why" or "what for" in life I have asked Him for in my life.

Lastly, I was in church this past Sunday, the "message?" GENEROUS. We were given a contract (fake) to sign everything I own over to God as he owns everything anyway. It is all His. We just get to manage it, some more than others. So I did and put it away in my old bible for my kids to find when I finally do get to stay in heaven. I am not telling anyone what to do, but I get it and I surrender all to Him. He has blessed me so far beyond words. I would suggest anyone that has not, please do.

On that note, I will humbly say thank you for allowing me the time here and thank ALL those who bring us any and all information regardless of content. I can attest to the accuracy & validity of the information I have provided. Use your own judgment and discernment.

In Service to All,

Lone Fearless Cactus

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