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"Zim-Gate" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17, 18 JAN

"Zim-Gate" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17

I remember back when the nay-sayers used condescending language and talked down to us as if we were fools. I remember that they told us that we were stupid for buying the ZIM. Of course, that no longer works, especially in our House.

Then, it seemed that the new strategy was to team up, with one nay-sayer complementing and supporting the other. They tried to convince us that we would lose out if we were not in groups. Of course that doesn't work here as we recognize our own and could easily spot the new comers bearing bad news. Since then we have been told again and again by our trusted intel providers that we don’t need to be in a group to exchange. So, that strategy ended.

Now, comes the Friendly Caring person, who both agrees that we can exchange individually (Win), and that in fact the ZIM is valuable, and worth having (Win). However, the old but enduring argument that ZIM will have zeros lopped off has made its way into our House once again.. It doesn't matter how they say it, super tiny rate and no zeros off, or higher rate and take zeros off, the result is the same. Low total Value on the Zim. I don't know why these friendly newbies are suddenly so interested in our welfare, but if it is sincere, it is appreciated, none the less.

The Good News

I am not going to go head to head naming all of our well known and loved Intel providers who say there will be super high rates on the ZIM. I will just drop this good news on you. Just follow these steps:

1) Make Contact with the Exchange Centers when it is time.

2) Tell them that you have ZIM and watch how they treat you differently, and direct you to a special exchange center. (Zim is very special)

3) When you are at your appointment, ask for the High, Privately Negotiable, Sovereign Rates on all the main currencies (not just ZIM). Watch them drool when you show them your ZIM. You will then know the truth.

What is the Good News?

Simple. If there are high rates just like Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Tank, VERITAS, and Zorra say, you will know for sure then and there. Fortunately, it doesn't matter what ANYBODY says on ANY blog, it will NOT stop you from getting the higher rates at your exchange, if you ask for them and have project ideas and/or interest in projects.

Importantly, there is NOTHING for you to do right now, except to wait for the right time to call for your appointment.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is so very simple. Either Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Tank, VERITAS, and Zorra are lying about the extremely high ZIM rates and the special exchange centers just for Zim holders, or the Friendly New-Comers are lying. It can only be one or the other, and you will know for sure, which is which, very soon. The only way the bad guys and the nay-sayers can win is if you expect low rates and do not ask for the higher rates. How do you win? Simple: Expect high rates and ask for them.

Signed: One Who Knows

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