Friday, January 13, 2017


Jan. 12 2017 11:11 pm EST ZAP: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 1.12.17
1. It is incredible the speed at which things are moving - the sheer amount of events happening simultaneously.

2. The intel I'm receiving is reinforcing that it is over for the bad guys and an incredible boost for the good guys.

3. There are some groups poised to receive funds but refusing to take possession until Obama leaves office so as to deny him any claim it is his.

4. Now both the currency files and Historic Asset files are being processed.

5. Table top meetings are targeting the more prolific public files so groups which have large files are getting done now that over 250 sovereigns have had their turn.

6. The system seems streamlined.

7.This is in keeping with rollout of the Matrix funds and how the reconstruction projects will get funded.

8. I have personally been working on this for over 20 years and am finally seeing clear progress as Royals and others push the button to make it happen for Humanity.

9. Guys and gals who have our best interest at heart are working for us on the inside and outside in the various agencies and regulartory authorities. They are the true White Hats.

10. I was given our schedule last night June (January?) 11 2017 and it was verified this morning. Next week will be a very busy time for our paymaster. This will happen before the US Inauguration.

11. We are separate and apart from all that stuff so we do not have to concern ourselves with those timings. The RV and reset timings are on their own clock slaved to the political arena. Our stuff has nothing to do with that timing.

12. I will know tomorrow morning June (January?) 13 2017 of the exact sequence to expect on the large and small funds.

13. Be ready for all this and I will let you know what to expect tomorrow as we are all on a day to day posture.

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