Monday, January 2, 2017



StillOkRocks:  Abadi prohibits military commanders to make any comments for 72 hours The source said that 'Abadi , sent a formal letter Saturday it decided to ban the testimony of statements from military commanders on the battlefield.'

Dyoungdc:  Does anyone know when the "72 hours" expires?

Starchild:  Sat - 72 Hrs = Tue pm = Wed

Dedar:  dyoungdc the 72 hours would be up by Thursday or Friday depending exactly when they were asked to wait.

Starchild:  IMO - 2 things: Rate in Budget Posted in Gazette and Mosul done, flag planted

SandNSea:  Good News?? https://youtu.be/zrpqpthHwuI 15 minute Wang call

Listen to the 20 minute call, It's worth a listen, then decide. Wang was an Army man over there, with contacts still there.


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