Monday, January 30, 2017


TNT CC Caller/Member :  I have a little information from two of my contacts, if I may. 

For four years, I had a pretty good relationship with a wealth manager.  With another contact who is a part of the new administration, and I asked about the immigration developments.

A wealth manager has told me in the past, "Don't worry about it." After Friday's call I received a call from this wealth manager and got excited.  On Friday she told me,  'I have been told to disburse wealth managers in my office to bank redemption centers starting next week.' That got me excited. 

I haven't heard anything today but another contact I've kept up with for over 30 years . . . happens now to be a part of our new administration. 

When I saw what was going on with the immigration ban, I wondered if this was going to have an effect.  In my phone call to them I asked the question and they said, 'Absolutely not! This will have no effect at all.  Things will be happening soon.' 

I just wanted to pass that along and each one of these people, like I said the wealth manager for four years and the one in the administration for over 30 years. 

Neither one of them have ever misdirected me whether it be in four years or 30 years.  I just wanted to pass this on to give a little hope to the call.

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