Saturday, January 21, 2017


Sunny:  CC CLIFF NOTES: : . . .Nineteenth was deadline date for some things that needed to be concluded . . .19th date had something to do with things that needed to be done in the US or new information that tells me the banks already have or will soon have a communication, for all intents and purposes, that means "Go."

Red:  we are now well past the seating of the new Potus, so I feel we could RV ADN, be ready so you dont have to get ready.

Airam:  RED....waiting for the trumpets .....and the GO

Red:  I think the only signal will be a quiet change at the banks of the 5 or 6 rates that concern us, no fanfare ….just a silent change in rates.  The word will spread like a wild fire throughout the dinar family and we will be pleasantly surprised..

Bomonkey :  Related articles Rasheed proceed to sell the dollar for travelers and determines the priority of them November 24, 2016

Central Bank of Iraq issued a statement on the US dollar exchange rate December 201 615 Central Bank initiate labor-mail system to sell the dollar January 2017 10 Alsumaria News / Baghdad , Rasheed Bank announced Saturday for Mbacherth sell the dollar early this week, noting that the sale will be at the official rate.

OldCrow:  The RV will happen when Iraq and the world organizations are ready. Not before. We do not know the timetable. And no "guru" elements do either. It will happen because it must so that Iraq can come back onto the world stage. Relax and live your lives. Take care of your family, your jobs, yourself. Be confident that this will indeed eventually happen.

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