Wednesday, January 4, 2017



IslandGurl:  I visited one of my banks today BoFA in NY and was told that they do not sell/exchange the VND, Zim or Dinar. I asked her when they stopped selling the VND. Her reply, "Well it is on the screen with HOLD." I said, hmmmmmm! After a while, everything will be on screen with a big fat rate attached

GS13:  . (Late Tuesday Night)  In case you did not listen to the big call tonight Bruce said that China had given Iraq a gift. It's a big huge Iraqi flag to fly over Mosoul. This is very symbolic for their country. I heard that they would be flying it tomorrow

IslandGurl:  Gs13: The Flying of the Flag over Mosul is probable the something big that is to happen tomorrow....Hmmmm!

Harambe :  CNBC: Watch out for these three Asian countries in 2017

Harambe : CNBC: Wall Street set for higher open as investors eye Dow hitting elusive 20,000 mark http://www.cnbc.com/id/104198422

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