Tuesday, January 3, 2017


BodyMan:  It is easy to over examine and then over speculate a situation, but facts are facts....a country's currency is required to return to it's former value after sanctions are removed, and issues are resolved, so I have no concerns about this happening and I am willing to be patient because the rewards are astounding ...IMO

BodyMan:  over speculation leads to doubt, which leads to concern, which leads to panic! Consider leaving behind the "what if attitude" and graduate to the "so if “ thought process" and you will be ready for anything”

Ecubucs:  Folks, it's Really our time now to begin to really put pencil to paper and if you haven't started writing down your POST RV Plans... You might want to... Time to really concentrate on Post RV Life... We're ALL going to be just FINE!!!

Ecubucs:  Relax, Breathe and Watch... Anything can still happen but what is being received is Wonderful for us All! The Timing? We'll Never Know until we're "at the bank".

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