Saturday, January 28, 2017



Elmerf123456:  Let me reassure everyone that our friend OKie does no longer post, does not have a Twitter account , and no longer does conference calls so if you ever see any posts using his name, disregard unless you hear from me without me! There are many false Okie imposters out there. Okie has promised if he has something to say you will go through me first so disregard all the false prophets out there that do nothing but confuse people

TNT: (Late Friday Night)

Dedar:  We do know for a fact that this has to come to an end sooner or later. I just pray that we have now reached that point of no return.

Ecubucs:  The coming 72 Hours could be very telling Dedar...

IslandGurl:  Dedar: We have reached the point of no return…. We have reached the point of no return and are about to go past the "Point of No Return." Am I excited about that......Yaaaaaaaay!

Yada:  love your 72 hour comment ecubucs,,,,agreed

Islangurl:  Ecubucs: I like your 72 hours notice but can we take 24 hours? Smile...
Ecubucs:  Wishful thinking!!! There are still some VIP Signatures that MUST be completed and as of 30 minutes ago... They've still Not been finalized...

Airam:  Ecu more signatures pending???......those documents have more signatures than words .......lol....lol.

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