Friday, January 20, 2017


Firefly :  By Matthew Walter…. Foreign exchange traders are gearing up for an unusually tight schedule of market-moving events in the next few days that may provide a welcome jolt to the currency market.    

And Davos just concluded yesterday .....INTERESTING 
And why did Abadi send Barzani to represent him at Davos?   
Why are the program rates blank at the CBI in certain blocks on the spreadsheet?

Ecubucs :  DC firefly! DC

Firefly :  ECUBUCS ..... ya think?

Ecubucs : No Thinking to it "Fly"! Known...

Firefly : ECUBUCS .... IMO you are absolutely correct

Iammaydragon:  Stopped to cash a check at a local B of A branch herein Seattle. They have not been buying or selling VND for ages it seems.

I asked today what the VND rate was and the teller looked it up. It was the old rate but he said, "There's a note here that says we are not selling VND but we can buy it from you.

That has not been the case for as long as I can remembder. I told him thanks, but I would wait till value comes up a bit … and he was very pleasant and said ok, see ya soon!

Dinara:  lammaydragon...That's great news! One more confirmation it's about to happen I think!

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