Wednesday, January 18, 2017



Tbucknor:  Question: how can US banks exchange on the lower denoms, which have not yet been released to the Iraqi public?   Also, if this is so, then how well does this bode for the large denomination currency which most of us hold?

Ecubucs:  tbucknor. Consider this: Maybe that's the whole plan. Drop a rate in now knowing that none or few have any LD's in the US. None of us can exchange yet! Right... But the banks are able to drop a rate in place for later?!?!?!

Ecubucs:  This way the banks may also be able to cover up employees from buying into the idea of what WE already have and IS legitimate IQD currency!

Dallred123:  Ecubucs I love the fact the banks can see the lower notes

Ecubucs:  Remember the LD's ARE the IQD Currency of the Future! Just seems like a great way to put rates in without letting us exchange just yet! Maybe!!!

Ecubucs:  Yep Yep dallred123 and the bank employers can breathe easy with their employees until they find out that the Old HD's are ALSO in circulation!!!

AJTexas:  Daz: Can you explain to those members why our large notes are still good and not to worry about the lower demons.

Yada:  OUR large denoms will be destroyed once we exchange and we will not receive any LD in the US,,however, then the people in Iraq take their higher notes, they will and can exchange for lower Denoms,,, once the rate is increased that is,,

Ecubucs:  yada there ya go... Great explanation!


SassyD:  Banks begin moving thousands of jobs out of Britain -- Banks are alrea​dy preparing to move thousands of jobs out of Britain after Prime Mini​ster Theresa May revealed that she wanted a complete break with the Eu​ropean Union. -- http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/18/news/economy/brexit-banks-financial-se​rvices/index.html

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