Sunday, January 1, 2017


THE_TNT_TEAM  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Iraqi TV says Abadi is banning any statements regarding Mosul for 72 hours.....hmmmmm, wonder why? LOL #wearethepeople

OkRocks:  Abadi prohibits military commanders to make any comments for 72 hours ... The source said that 'Abadi , sent a formal letter yesterday it decided to ban the testimony of statements from military commanders on the battlefield.'.. inside the city of Mosul , currently high morale and spirit of victory and the enemy is witnessing a collapse and refracts'.

Dallred123:  72 hours is like a walk in the park for us

OKRocks:  So according to that article the 72 hour formal letter went out yesterday

AuthorSamoliver:  It should end tomorrow.

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