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Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call. It has been an interesting 5 days. Didn’t think we would be here today, but we have good information. You are here at the right place and at the right time. We appreciate you listening every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Bruce:  Let us talk first about where redemption centers have been. We know we have had people at offsite redemption centers in a light skeleton crew for at least 3 or 4 days, since our last call. We had memos go out to the people to let them know they are to come in and go to full capacity today. Looks like they altered that slightly. It looks like they will be fully staffed 10pm to 10:30pm tonight. They are gearing up the redemption centers. We have kept track of it to a certain extent.
Bruce: They have done a study where the ZIM holders are throughout the country and they know where they are. I have heard some numbers in certain parts of the country, and I know they are fairly accurate. Primarily we are talking about the fact they have moved personnel around so they have those people in position in areas of higher concentration of ZIM. I know where those areas are and where the holders are.  It is a good idea to move those people around accordingly.

Bruce:  They have had rates on the screens the last couple of days that went blank. They have been blinking on the screens and rates populating. The currencies mainly Dinar and Dong have been increasing in value. We know those have solidified.  As of last night they are no longer on hold, and are alive and active.  My understanding is that occurred last night and is now.

They redemption centers are ready for us and are ready to go.

Bruce:  Banks. We have had the last few days since the last call on Thursday we had information suggesting the main stream banks such as Tier one banks and other good size banks,  essentially the ability to offer low introductory rates on the Dinar. This was occurring in various states and people were given the ability to exchange at a low teaser rate. This was limited in the amount of the currency I heard.  I heard two notes to up to 4 notes in the 50,000 range to give equity in a small level. We heard confirmation of this. You had to have an account with that bank for 6 to 13 months. You couldn’t just walk in off the streets unless you were an existing customer previously with that bank.  That was to help the banks with Basel 3 protocols as far as equinity. Now that was going on and then it was stopped. Then all sudden it restarted up again with additional 6 other banks. They were told they could play catch up in that and offer some rates at a small period of time which started yesterday afternoon and ended at high noon. That was a short range opportunity to raise equity and exchange some of their customers at these low teaser rates. That served a purpose.

Bruce:   Now we are in position we are looking for the next opportunity to exchange with full amounts of currency at full higher screen rates and private negotiable rates as well. Depending on your desire and protocols with your humanitarian projects and how high you want to go with the funding. That has gone on today.

Bruce:  We are sort of at a point a lot of things are ready to change. As you know even during the Big Calltonight.  The president is making his final speech, his farewell speech. My understanding is there will be some information coming. We understand even the banks are looking for some type of announcement tonight from earlier this afternoon and about now. I don’t know what the announcement will be about. Even the banks are looking for some sort of announcement.

Bruce:  We are believing there is quite a bit that may happen in our world, the currency world, after the President completes his final farewell speech tonight. There may be some things talked about such as what the IMF doing, some final rate changes on our currency, USN related to the TRN and the USN is the US dollar new, asset backed currency we have. I believe they will be going to tweak the value of our dollar as it relates to the Forex and the IMF rates on the website. Those rates are coming in and should have something more definite late tonight or tomorrow. I think that is major and big time. There is significance in the timing relative to the farewell speech of the President.  Some opinions is the proximity as it going as early as tonight ortomorrow. We get in trouble when we try to call that it is here in a few hours. It could be in a few hours shortly we witness some changes. To say definitely it is going to happen is tough. Some major change happening but I am not putting it out there we are calling it right now.

Bruce:  Mosul has been liberated for some time now. That flag we understand that has been flying in Mosul that China gave to Prime Minister Abadi has been flying. The knowledge in the news has not come out. Maybe it will come out and be part of that announcement. Maybe it will come out tomorrow. Certain something we are looking forward to is the liberation of Mosul.

I think we really are as far as we can go without having this be part of our lives. We will get the notification by the toll free number coming to us. If it does come to me as a representative of the community, I would consider it an honor and take care of it with respect and put it out as directed. If we don’t get it in time of a live call, we can put it out on a recorded call and make it available on our website, thebigcall.net.

Bruce:  That is basically where we are right now. We are highly anticipating something happening.  Banks are offering teaser rates. We are getting to the very end of this ride.
This has been a wonderful time to spend with you. I did get some information, kind of information that lends us to believe activity is taking place overnight as far as movement with these funds. Some of these SKRs have been liquidated and money moving through to the groups. We believe that this week by everything we are getting and learning is a very important week for us and believe this is the week for us for it to go. We are looking forward for this to go down this week.  Believe that.

Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and Kent.  Thank you to all of you that are tuning in on Tuesday andThursday night. We appreciate your faithfulness in listening.  Thank you for all the banks that will be our partner in this exchange such as Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, People Bank of China, and Paymasters in the central banks.  Also additional banks such as Bank of America, Citibank, Chase bank, and also Tier two banks as well. I recommend what I going to do in that I am going to diversify my funds and move them around in 3 or 4 banks. I look forward to the redemption center.  Thank you everybody out there in Big Call Universe. Good Night everybody, have a great night.

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