Friday, January 13, 2017


1. From the information we have received we are highly expectant of an exciting announcement, possibly tonight June 12 2017.

2. We are in a position to receive the 800#s before the end of this week.

3. The rates for the Dinar and Dong have been solid on the bank back screens since Jan. 1 2017.

4. Misinformation about the rates has been put out by individuals who have since been caught and they are no longer able to do that.

5. On Dec. 26 2016 in Iraqi Parliment CBI head Shabibi said the Dinar could handle a rate of over $16.00, which was the same as he said in 2012.

6. The Zim is showing a market (screen) rate of 1 Dinar to $1 with the US dollar.

7. You do not have to sign an NDA if you accept the screen rates.

8. The IEX will be running with the SIDS system and will replace the Forex system.

9. Today both the TRN (US Treasury Note) and USN (US Note) are on the IEX system, possibly at $1.05.

10. Out West paymasters have had access to 52 zero tranch accounts since Sun. night Jan. 8 2017.

11. Another large tranch was opened yesterday Jan. 11 2017 to pay out the groups.

12. The SKRs are completed.

13. The Church groups started today Jan. 12 at 3 pm EST.

14. We in the Internet group are in line to go at any time, likely by the end of this week.

15. Our new president elect will likely trigger the general public to go Jan. 22 or 25.

16. Rates are good. You can negotiate for higher rates.

17. In Iraq the announcement about liberation of Mosul from ISIS and new rate of the Dinar, will likely come out at the same time - perhaps tomorrow - definatly soon.

18. Iraqi PM Abadi will be at the Inauguration on Friday Jan. 20. He goes to a global mtg. of leaders on Jan. 17 in Davos, and can't do that without a new rate on the Dinar.

19. Bruce will put out the 800#s when he gets them on his website Thebigcall.net and in a recorded call.

20. It is Bruce's understanding that we will not have to wait for the Inauguration on Jan. 20 to get the 800#s.

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