Friday, January 13, 2017


Hey, yo Guru Hunters, YOU WERE RIGHT!

Congratulations, every bit of Intel I have read today is building hope, but includes little truth, as I want it to, know that the Guru Hunters were right all along about the gurus. No worries, they tried to build a following to help them when the time comes. They will be judged as well, at the redemption centers.

This is a bottoms up redemption, the most desperate will exchange first. And are being prepared for what they need to do when their email arrives.

The release will go like this, EVERYONE will receive the TETELESTAI email, separate and in private and you will have no idea that's what it is. NO 800 #'s

Your NDA will be approved through emails also, ALL WILL HAVE AN NDA and ALL WILL HAVE MOSTLY UNRESTRICTED ACCESS immediately upon your exchange at the bank.

The redemption centers are not a physical office and will not exchange anything, I will confirm they will be popping up all over the world and will be well staffed and informed.

The sheer size of your funds will be overwhelming, you will need to setup a meeting at your exchange with an advisor.

If you pull out cash, ask for the Christmas money, each bank will have its own limit.

I will call Gary on Jan 21st and reveal everything else you all need to know to help bring this RV to the world by the end of the months.

I have told some of you other things in email, this supersedes what I already told you that's conflicting.

DO NOT RELY ON THE 800 #s if they do come out, wait for your TETELESTAI email.

DO NOT RELY ON THE GURUS, they will only share half truths. Follow the news, Forget the opinions, to be crass and common, opinions are like assholes, and most of them stink.
Articles and videos are great, but you need to create your own opinion.

I love you all, you're doing great, it's so close.

Tony, Gargimell, brother to all on Earth 
All of us are direct heir descendants of Christ, the time has come for freedom to reign!

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