Saturday, January 14, 2017


Ref: Intel SITREP - Saturday - 00:00 EST - January 14, 2017

A lot of us have also been buying silver and gold coins for years for disaster preparedness and preservation of wealth.

I find it disturbing that the writer would imply that this 225th year anniversary coin produced by the US Mint should indicate that the Republic is now driving this nation. Sadly, I just listened to the 26 minute video at which Jack Lew and others spoke for the launch of this coin at the U.S. Mint. Silver and Gold coins are launched to fanfare all the time, as collectors know.

All the flags presented by the honor guard at the ceremony had FRINGE. Nothing said in the 4 speeches was particularly indicative of any republic being reinstated.

However as those who buy coins know, the American Eagle and American Buffalo 1 oz .9999 fine gold coins have engraved on them "50 DOLLARS" and were sold through today. Just visit any coin selling website now and take a good look. You need to know this stuff!

THIS NEW COIN - same weight - had imprinted "100 DOLLARS." In theory, you might take this to mean that our Dollar just lost one-half of its purchasing power - OR NOT.

I say or not because the one ounce American Eagles and Buffalos sold today for roughly $1,196.00 per coin, and gold closed at this price per troy ounce today.   Article and Pictures

Will Monday show us gold priced by the gram out of Shanghai, as they have been talking about since last April? Or will this new coin sell for roughly $1,196.00 also (fiat dollars)? Or some other amount when it hits the coin sellers?

We will have to see.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, is a new annual coin enough to make us rush to exchange an asset backed IQD for toilet paper fiat Fed Reserve debt instruments created by a bankrupt foreign entity? If the bankruptcy has been appropriately cured, let's hear about it for heaven's sake. And let's find out who purchased the successor corporation, or whatever.

One option might be to find a reputable bank, deposit your dinars at no risk, get any documents/statements of net worth on deposit or whatever - AND WAIT (while the IQD hopefully appreciates) - until we finally have a dollar that is asset backed and not just more debt and then exchange our IQDs. But this is messy and frustrating, I know.

No, this is certainly not financial advice, and I am over simplifying the problem, as there are many, many options for how to handle your foreign currency investments. My only point is that we must all proceed intelligently.

Let's remember that the Event / RV / GCR has consistently been described by some such as COBRA as an all-in-one announcement of the restored Republic, asset backed new Dollar at whatever value to gold, and the first basket of currencies revaluing at pretty much the same nanosecond.

This makes sense because all are needed SIMULTANEOUSLY IMO for anyone to feel good about exchanging anything..... this won't be a dress rehearsal. It will matter. I want to believe those in charge of this once in history event have all this covered, so that folks can exchange without stress.


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