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Subject: RayRat Call 1/27/17   Today at 3:48 pm

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Fantabulous Friday, January 27, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  I started off thanking the members who told me the lines are up, since I started this call without realizing the recorder was not on. Thanks to DaretoDream, IdahoUSA, Gman, and many others [didn’t catch them all] and others who have helped along the way.  Thanks also to everyone who has had to do with keeping this site operating, all the mods and support people who have come and gone, not to mention others in the background who have helped keep this ride as smooth as possible.  Thanks to the members who have kept up, and even the quiet ones who never say anything, and especially to all the information people.  Thanks to our core team, and your tireless efforts to bring in all the information you can bring, however bizarre it might have seemed at the time.  Thanks to the  members who also bring in information from the people you know in the banks or on the streets. It kept us in the game, helping people win this game and go on to other games we have yet to play.  Some have been able to use this information to increase our financial positions through leveraging.  It looked like there was an opportunity yesterday but it didn’t pan out.  I think that it’s too late to leverage anything now.  If there is anyone I missed, please don’t charge it to my heart, there are just so many.  It’s been a long ride…

What else is there to tell you?  Nothing, really, because we’ve already told you everything even though it may not have materialized.  I don’t’ think there is more new information.  The bank step we have now:  37 banking institutions have now been reported to us from the field that are now actively buying and selling Iraqi dinar.  I think that number will change dramatically in the coming days – plus three credit unions and 5-6 exchange companies.

We had a member who shared that $100 was wired to a person in Iraq a few days ago, can that person received 129 IQD.  After receiving that information we tried to find out what province that was in… it was to Rafi Bank in Baghdad.  Hmmm.  That was reported to us a few days ago, and we got the final details this morning.  Since then, guess what has happened?  We learned all the banks are in sync – I don’t know if that is a different level as we heard a few months ago, or if there is a difference.

Some folks have initiated exchanges and were told their banks were looking to be live today, so that they could be funded.  That’s part of what delayed this call, and we haven’t heard definitively yet.  I will keep checking the texts, but it hasn’t come in, not yet.

Of course I know some things that I am hearing, although I do believe them because of the sources I hear them from, and they have been pretty much on the money. Dates may be off because they don’t control it, they just report. I cannot tell you details, but I can tell you that if everything stays on track, this is my last Friday – if everything goes according to design. The rate is going to be very decent/attractive – not $16, because I know someone will ask, but we’re going to like it just the same.  I’m dancing around trying to tell you something without actually saying it.
Let’s look at questions on the site:

First one is an appreciation, not a question, so I’ll move on.

Questions from the TNT forum
Q:  Do we need to be in a group to get the best rate and so how to get in one?   A:  No. You don’t need to be in a group to get the best rate, and some of those group rates are going to be ugly, but that is what they agreed to in advance.

Q:  W Most of us have held currency for several years.  Long-term capital gains has been a possibility on these currencies. Considering the taxes if any, If we are able to leverage our currency at the bank and purchase more after, won’t this void any long term capital gains that would have come from the currency we originally bought.  A:  Yes – but would it matter?  When the dust settles, after the taxes, and you end up with two million dollars, but because you leveraged, and now you would have short-term capital gains, but you wind up with seven million dollars rather then two million, wouldn’t that be worth it?  Do the numbers and you will see;  taxes might be a bite, but it doesn’t take all of your money.  I’d rather end up with seven than two, and if that means I pay more taxes but I still end up with more after taxes, that’s not a bad deal.

Q:  1.  With regards to the memos that arrived on bankers desks on Monday, was there any follow through or fulfillment with regards to those?  [RR:  Nothing more has been said on that.]  2.  Are we going to be back here again next Friday or will we be done?  [RR:  I have answered that.]  3.  Is the US being on the gold standard a requirement for the release of our 800 numbers?  A:  I haven’t heard that is necessary.

Q:  Do you believe the CBI site will go into Feb. without changing the rate on their site?  A:  I don’t think so.

Q:  On Wednesday you said you had some information on the 800# but it was not official yet. Has that changed and can you say if the “official ” word is coming from the banks? In times past the 800 # has been rumor which is why you have said to do our home work in case there wasn’t one so I felt it was HUGE you said you even had unofficial word regarding the number.   A:  No official word has come to me yet – and I have said before that I had that unofficially, I just don’t talk about it every week until I get official word.

Q:  RayRen, just trying to wrap my head around your great idea of owning a loaded foreign Debit Card account to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Wed you shared an idea of opening an account in another country with their currency and returning with a world-wide usability Bank Debit card. When traveling to the USA you can carry any amount you want.  However, the requirement is to declare any amount over $10,000 (US value). Does the said foreign country have the same requirements when we enter their country to deposit 1 million worth of Dinars?  A:  I don’t know;  I imagine it depends on the specific country.  Ask before you go.  I don’t think it would be a problem, because it’s yours.  If they ask if you have something to declare, tell them you have one million dinar and carry on.

Q1:  Let’s say that I get what I want in rates and it comes out to be 10 Billion dollars. I have a trust for the mother lode that I want to put it in.  Can I wire from it to other banks and use that same trust name?  A:  So long as those other accounts are in the name of the trust, then Yes – or ask your bank.  The trust can have more than one account.

Q:  What’s the latest rate you’ve heard for the Zim?  A:  A dollar and change.

Q:  The text you are looking for will it create a leveraging opportunity for us? or an exchange opportunity?  A:  I was expecting one yesterday;  not sure about tomorrow.

Q:  I am going to be going to several banks this weekend seeing if any of them will let me open up an account for me to deposit my IQD and VND into, thereby digitizing it.  In order to make the most of my time, is there a list of banks that currently deal with the IQD?  If not, I will do it the old fashioned way.  A:  I don’t know why you would do that… but ask in your area.  I would save yourself the trouble and just wait

Q:  Ray, since you are dancing around… what song are you dancing to? Just play us a song to say what you can’t.  A:  Okay.

Q + A Callers

865/404 caller:  I like to hear this is the last Friday.  What do your sources say about the Gazette;  did it surface on Wednesday?  [RR:  No.]  Where is Abadi – in Iraq or DC?
RayRen:  I have not asked and my sources have not said, but the information I have suggests that it doesn’t matter where Abadi is.

Caller:  Have you heard anything from the mosques?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything, but also don’t think they are relevant any more.

Next caller:  What’s the difference between the internet group and public groups?  I was reading something that was so emphatic that if we were not in a group, we would have to submit all our zim, etc.  I don’t believe what I read, only what you say.
RayRen:  The public group doesn’t know what is going on, and they are wating for someone to tell them to go to the bank. The internet group is watching this like a hawk and will be at the bank before the bank is ready to open their doors.  We are informed;  the public group is not informed.

301 caller:  do you know whether all the currencies will go live at the same time?
RayRen:  It is believed that all the ones we have interest in will go at the same time, although personally I hope they don’t because I want to be a trillionaire so frickin’ bad.  Maybe they are listening and maybe they will separate them out. That would be the greatest thing that could possibly happen.

352 caller:  I’m having a ****ens of a time finding banks that do this in Florida.  Some do currency exchanges, but no bank that does dinar yet.  I’m waiting on a bank to call me back about dong.  My new father-in-law has dinar, dong and zim, nobody in the family believed him, then I started tuning in to your show.  You make more sense than anyone out there apart from Frank.  So throw me a bone!
RayRen:  You will be okay, sir.  It’s just a timing thing.  I know of a bank in Florida that I know of that deals in dinar.  You just have to find it, and at the appropriate time we will tell you where you can exchange.  If we don’t get the 800 numbers, this list will be made available to all members.  We will present all that information – we will post it on the public site of the site, the part that anyone can get access to:  www.tntsuperfantastic.com

513 caller:  Can we go back to the difference between buy and sell rates.  Don’t the banks make money either way? Is the international price before or after exchange, or is it somewhere in the middle?
RayRen:  It depends on their fee structure.  Some banks charge a processing fee as well.  However, if they offer it as a service, they’ll make their money if you bring back the currency and sell it back to them.

704 caller:  I was interested in what you said about 1:1 last Friday.  I don’t intend to be the first mouse.

951 caller:  I hope this is our last Friday call!  I wish this had happened a long time ago, but then I wouldn’t have colleagues, and I wouldn’t have these other currencies I have now.  It’s going to be worth it because of all that knowledge.  [Appreciation]

239 caller:  You seem being a bit more positive about this happening – what has happened to give you the impression of the new window?
RayRen:  I can’t answer that question for you at this time.

Caller:  How do you determine what to say or not to say?  Do they tell you not to say some things, or is it your own judgment.
RayRen:  It’s a combination of both.  I share what I believe in 100%.

406 caller:   It sounds like you think we are going to RV be Wednesday…  What about Trump – will he have any impact on this?
RayRen:  That could happen.  This looks like my last pre-RV call for a Friday, anyway.  I haven’t heard anything about the new President having an impact on this.

Next caller:  Will lack of a Secretary of the Treasury have any effect on this situation?  Also, I checked with Region’s Bank, and they charge $5 per exchange.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything about SecTreas – and if that is relevant, then they’d better hurry up and install the new one.

510 caller:  You mention your website often, and I wonder if there is something on financial literacy?  Like how to pay tax only once, where to invest, etc.?  The real high-level investors obviously know things that we don’t know.
RayRen:  Possibly on the website.  We will be having live seminars in the US.  We will have that information available in one form or another, and avenues for you to learn about that type of activity.

951 caller:  About contract rates, is there still a China rate?  And is that supporting China?
RayRen:  From what I’m hearing, yes.  I guess in a way that’s supporting China, but not in a way that hurts the US, because the US would not allow that.

618 caller:  Are you expecting a call on Monday?
RayRen:  All I’m saying is that I don’t expect to have one next Friday.

941 caller:  Everyone sounds concerned about capital gains, but I’m not.  If we go in and say “I want to exchange this foreign currency”.  None of the earlier exchangers seems to have paid taxes, and we were told at the beginning that there would be no taxes on the dinar.  That’s always been specified, and that’s why they want us to put it in a different account. I can see taxes on the dong and other tradable currencies.  That’s what my contacts have all said.  Worrying is pointless;  if it happens, it happens.

601 caller:  Do you think there’s a possibility we’ll be in the bank on Wednesday?
RayRen:  There’s a possibility of exchange any day.

918 caller:  I think you are telling us “This is done, rest in the faith, don’t worry about the timing.”  I have done a lot of homework, and the intel I head agrees with you:  it’s done. What Ray is saying is the truth, so stop trying to tie him down.

Closing Statement

RayRen:  To you members who jokingly talk about me as ‘Slick Willy’, you are probing so deep to get me to say what you want to hear, that you missed what I did say.  There is a tremendous amount of information in this call, you just want me to say it a specific way.  There are some things I cannot tell you openly;  go back to the beginning and listen again, because it’s there.

I also want to say ‘thank you very much’ to those who faithfully donate to keep the site going and the bills paid. You play a vital part in this process.  There are some who wanted to donate and couldn’t, and that’s okay.  Even those who only send in two dollars, well, every little bit helps, and it spoke volumes to me.  If a thousand people did that, it would be $2,000.  The little bit helped, and the mere fact that you wanted to contribute, that speaks volumes.  Thank you.

I feel like this is upon us. Until then, in the meantime, believe this ride is over.  [Music:  Pomp and Circumstance]  Until this happens, just know this.  You are ready.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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