Thursday, January 5, 2017


Thought I might jump in the "mix" with my own bank story. On my last bank statement from Chase Bank the following sentence appeared in bold black letters, "We've updated your deposit agreement regarding transactions in a foreign currency." Curious and wanting more information, On Sat. Dec. 31, 2016 I called the Chase location where I have purchased most, not all of my foreign currency and asked to speak with the branch manager for further clarification regarding the sentence that appeared on my bank statement. I was informed that they have a record of my foreign currency purchases and the specifics can be read on their web-site to clarify how Chase determines the exchange rate for transactions in foreign currencies. 

In a nutshell, I simply asked what their fee was to exchange foreign currency to U.S. dollars, and was told 3% of the total exchange. The following Tues. Jan 2, 2017, I again went to this same location to see if their had been any movement on any of the currencies I hold whether purchased from Chase or not.

I asked the teller who I have made numerous purchases from if she would review her screen for such. She did, and informed me their has been movement on some of the currencies I hold, which is everything we have all heard, but not at the rate we are looking for. 

I told her I would check again another time, and as I was about to leave, she leaned over the counter and whispered that on Mon. Jan. 9 2017, she had heard that "new rates with increased values" on several foreign currencies are to be available

. To conclude, all of the above coming from a bank, this particular bank sounds very encouraging, but the point of my entire comments, ( not trying to be a "stick in the mud" ) but everyone, especially Guru's and intel providers need to understand that any and everything is subject to change and the entire banking industry, as excited and expectant as they may be, are only the facilitators in this process and are in charge of absolutely nothing, especially the time we are all waiting for. As for the new rates with increased values on several foreign currencies being introduced on Mon. Jan. 9 2017...........let's just say, " I'm not waiting with baited breath."


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