Sunday, January 8, 2017


R.Hamilton:  Just relax folks, it's coming. But not until the House is all cleaned up and everything's in order.

Meaning, until the 'office' is publicly filled and the new banking system is in action will there be any sort of an increase. Public or private.

They simply won't allow masses of people to exchange and then spend that money, funding a corrupt system that is on it's way out.

People can talk about the 'privates' going early all they want, which they will indeed go earlier than the so called 'public'. But neither will be allowed to fund our current banking system.Not until we go back to the Gold Standard and are asset backed will we be able to exchange.

Therefore it stands to reason that February is our next best shot at the release. Depending on how many banking policy changes they will need to announce prior to the release.

So IMO just take the rest of the month off of the roller coaster, relax and get ready for what could very well be a February to remember.

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