Friday, January 27, 2017


Wait, here's some more hard truth… with regards to the relevance of being in a ZIM group, the sad reality is there is no advantage to being in a group if you hold ZIM. In fact, there's big negative associated to it.

You see all the early ZIM, VND or IQD groups were either just a cheap way of in-taking a lot of currency off the streets for Chinese Elders, or a complete scam. Actually,

The individual currency holder sits in the best possible position when the RV is released, because they have complete autonomy, can exchange at sovereign rates (highest rates) and don't have to wait for paymasters to perform (and/or refresh any bank paperwork).

So anyone involved in an early group or thinking about getting involved with a late group, you're either going to have to wait to get paid a much lower rate or be shit out of luck less your currency. Neither scenario is optimal IMO, but 100% your call boss.

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You couldn't be in a better position than you are right now!

Signed: One Who Knows

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