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January 23, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
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I bring you much news today.   
Iraqi army and coalition forces prepare to expand their offensive against the Sunni militants into west Mosul. Almksusi team Hatem, Director of Military Engineering of the Ministry of Defense said in a statement, "it was setup and configuration to erect bridges in Mosul to connect the east and west side, after it was destroyed fixed bridges and key by al Daesh." 

(sounds like this week that are going to begin the offensive battle in the western section of the Mosul region. We know the North and Western areas are the last remaining areas not completely liberated. How long will this take? We wait for more news to come….As I write this news letter I was just informed the northern section of Mosul is not liberated. Let’s wait and see what they tell us in the news. Remember we wait for the pm Abadi to make a formal announcement of the total liberation of Mosul. This is our queue that the CBI  might launch those lower denoms and get this process rolling. This could literally happen in the next week or less.)

Class US site of the Iraqi currency [dinar] at the bottom of the strongest Arab currency arrangement. According to the order published on [howmuch.net] the US, the GCC currencies were among the strongest Arab currencies, are the bottom, including Iraq, Lebanon and the countries of the list. The Kuwaiti dinar, ranking first, followed by Oman, and then Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Djibouti, Syria, Yemen, Mauritania, Comoros, Somalia, and then Iraq and Lebanon(folks- they are not telling us this not because they like to put Iraq down. What they are telling us is the Iraqi dinar deserves a much higher ranking among the GCC countries but where is it today? Compared to the other countries Iraq will very soon rise out the ISIS crisis. How will this happen? We all know and its coming soon. This is the point of the article. They publish this stuff for a reason.)
Now it get really good. "The meeting discussed the level of implementation of the general budget for 2016, as well as discuss the extent to which the general budget for 2017 with the Stand-By program funding mechanisms budget deficit in 2017". 

He was head of the IMF mission, "satisfaction with the efforts made by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq and other ministries in the area to meet the requirements of the program," adding "it is going according to timings marked in the program," according to the statement. ( see I told you there is a laid out plan for financial Iraq and they are telling us it is all coming together, as planned.)
Sources are telling us they are now opening the 2017 budget.

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Rafidain Bank: Advance 10 million dinars will be staff from card to card holders
BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Rafidain Bank, announced on Saturday that the grant in the 10 million dinars for the staff of government departments would be for anyone who has a smart card-activated receive their monthly salary(can you see the direction they are going with the electronic banking. Finally they are implementing it. This just what we wanted to see….I luv it! )
A statement by the Information Office of the bank received "Sky Press," that "the bank develop a strategic plan on the granting of the advance which will be paid covered advances anyone who has a previous advance and resettlement Salaries in private saving and activating the payment of salaries and electronic collection accounts."
The statement added that "should the department is committed to its continuation feeding salaries per month on the same context(they are telling us they plan to continue this process in the future to pay the salaries) through the establishment of an employee covered by circle Basalafh provide the nearest branch of the bank to disclose all of their employees' salaries and all the details that have been adopted by the electronic form and sent fields copy of the data on a CD and a book Prime ongoing prompt to the section on safety in favor of disclosure and pledge to consistently provide full circle salaries of employees of the branch. " (so the Rafidain Bank is essentially telling the people come and sign up for electronic banking as we will be consistent and on time with your payments if you do, unlike in the past. This move will give the bank tremendous liquidity, as this has been the plan all along) 
The statement noted that "this obligation and upon completion of opening accounts is called the staff transferred under the names of the branches according to the electronic application form for obtaining their signatures on contracts and then issuing the smart card." (come into the bank and signup for electronic banking. It only takes you to fill out an application, sign it and we will issue you a smart card)

No escape: IS-boats sunk as Mosul "emirate" crumbles
(it’s just a matter of time. They are retreating in mass numbers. I only hope this time they pin them down and end it for all of them or they will regroup and fight another day)
The New Arab news
Date of publication: 21 January, 2017
Members of the extremist group are attempting to leave the war-torn Iraqi city by boat. But Iraqi forces are aware of the desperate tactic and lie in wait.
Iraqi aircraft carried out a series of intense air raids targeting areas of Mosul still held by the Islamic State as militants from the extremist group attempt to flee the Iraqi city by boat on Saturday.
A source from the Iraqi army’s Nineveh Operations Command told The New Arab’s Iraqi correspondent Baraa al-Shammari that Iraqi planes were targeting the Rashidiya, Beysan, and Qoosiyat neighbourhoods of the city, the last remaining strongholds of the group that are located close to the "right" banks of Tigris river.
A separate security source from the Saraya Jihad, a faction within the Shia Hashd al-Shaabi militia said that the group had targeted nine boats carrying IS fighters attempting to leave Mosul, killing 20 members of the group near Tal Afar. 
On Friday the Iraqi army announced the liberation of Mosul’s Free Trade zone in the south of the city only two days after announcing that Iraqi forces had taken “full control” of the entire eastern side of Mosul, with IS fighters increasingly pushed back into defensive positions in the war-torn city. (still need to hear about progress in the western and northern side of the city, reported a few days ago still under occupation)

High Nassif calls for linking customs banks: If the value of goods $1,000 becomes $ 50 
22/01/2017 08:59  
BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:  Demanded Rep., High Nassif, on Sunday, the central bank linking customs, banks, to know the true value of imported goods, noting that the customs assess goods less than the prices really affordable, as it called for increased import license to one year instead of six months.  Nassif said, in a statement, "tomorrow Press" received a copy of it, that "the actions taken recently the central bank to change the method of selling the dollar, which will contribute to the organization to sell it to cover imports of the private sector properly process," pointing out that "it is certain that it will prove its success through the next period, but it is necessary to follow procedure for pricing and customs, in the period of validity import license.    
 " She added that "with regard to customs, for example, if imported dealer material worth a thousand dollars central bank will demand this trader remarks thousand dollars after three months, according to the new regulations," afterthought, that "what is happening now is that the real value of the goods if the thousand dollars are customs assesses hundred dollars or fifty dollars. " 
She pointed out that "to be dealt with this matter by linking customs, banks that transfer for the purpose of knowing the true value of imported goods," adding that "what is the duration of the import license from 3 months, which is not enough, because the trader takes time to go to complete the leave then offered of the bank and the people and transfer of goods manufactured and shipped, and therefore you must be a period of leave a year. "  Nassif called a "new issue instructions in this regard to complement the good of the actions taken by the Central Bank and to serve the Iraqi economy." (I quote from the article – “purpose of knowing the true value of imported goods”. This is in the attempt to prevent fraudulent invoices for imports when they go to the currency auction window at the banks. Take a look at the next article. These are both related to implementing the new procedure. Looks like they are really finally going to crack down on these auctions.)

Central calls for private banks to the instructions for activating Borsdtha 
Baghdad Balances News
Called on the Central Bank of Iraq, on Mondayall banks to stop providing remittances and import licenses bills on the sale of currency window.
The bank said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, he was "called on private banks licensed companies and the conversion of all to the special instructions for the promotion of the assets of banks abroad and activating the role of banks in the verification of the customer activation through stop providing invoices for remittances and import licenses and sufficiency requirements window sale of foreign currency. "
The statement added that "the guidelines and instructions to his last show compliance to the electronic system”.

President Barzani: We will declare independence if al-Maliki resumes power
(very interesting that Barzani should bring up this news. We know the USA under Obama wanted a three state Iraq. Of course why not since the oil and natural resources are mostly concentrated in Kurdistan region. Please keep this in mind as you read articles coming out of Iraq on the position that pres Trump may take on this issue.)
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The Kurdistan Region President recently stated he would declare independence the moment the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki resumed power.
In an interview with Sharq al-Awsat in Davos, Switzerland, Masoud Barzani, the Kurdistan Region President, said he could not “accept staying within an Iraq ruled by al-Maliki.”
al-Maliki has often been internationally criticized for his divisive politics and sectarian tendencies. Current Iraqi Vice-President al-Maliki was Prime Minister when Islamic State (IS) extremists occupied one-third of the country in mid-2014.
Moreover, during his post as PM in early 2014, al-Maliki cut the Kurdistan Region's 17 percent share of the Iraqi national budget, including the salaries of the Region's civil servants.
President Barzani added Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari was sacked as part of a scheme to overthrow Haider al-Abadi’s cabinet and foil the Mosul operation in an attempt to bring al-Maliki back to power. Asked about the remarks by some of the Shia militia officials against the Region, President Barzani explained he wanted to move on from war.
“We want to turn the page of war and instead focus on development and improving people’s lives,” he stated.  “The remarks are worrying, and anyone who assaults the Region will get a definitive response,” President Barzani continued. “We hope we do not reach such a stage.”
Regarding the US’ new administration, President Barzani said he expects President Donald Trump to support the Kurds.“There is a good relation with the new administration, and we know the cabinet members, and they are familiar with the situation here [in the Kurdistan Region],” President Barzani explained. (like a piece of chewed gum stuck on your shoe. Oh what a pain. You know its there and its hard to get rid of it. Will Pres Trump end the USA support for Nori al-Maliki? Will they end robbing the CBI and funneling illegal dollars to support the rebels in Syria against Assad? When this stops we will see Maliki finally out of the scene.)
Regarding the latest offensive to oust IS extremists, the President said the achievements during the Mosul operation were a large blow against the insurgents.  He also revealed Peshmerga losses since the beginning of the war against IS were 1,668 martyrs, and 9,725 wounded.
Additionally, asked about his visit to Baghdad and meeting with Iraqi officials and political parties, President Barzani stated it was important to build a positive relationship as neighbors. “Iraqis have failed to build a true partnership between themselves; therefore, it is better to be good neighbors,” he said. There is good cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army during the Mosul operation,” the President added. “We will work to develop positive progress for the future.”
 “There has not been any progress in relations between Baghdad and Erbil in other aspects,” he concluded.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
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