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January 06, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today. I have amazing articles. I have tried to explain and comment on many of them the best I can. These articles are exactly what we want and to expect as they increase the pressure to get the project to the delete the zeros done to the next phase/level. The CBI has said just this week they are still planning to go ahead.

Many ask what are they waiting for? It seems they always lay some groundwork (a plan) out to the public and then we sit, wait and watch. It does always come and we finally see it if we are persistent, patient and preserver in our watch for those “wow” articles.

Remember too parliament is coming back into session tomorrow and they told us they now have 30+ laws waiting for a final vote. 
These laws  impact all aspects of the economy, judicial system and the fight against corruption and terrorism. They also keep emphasis in the Reconciliation law and its impact. So we know this is VERY important to Iraq too.
Remember that the Reconciliation Law implementation is just around the corner as they prepare for the end of ISIS in Iraq. They keep telling us about this law and details of it. Many of these new laws waiting in the wings for a parliamentary vote are linked to this reconciliation effort and must coincide to make it successful. So it is all going to come together real soon. Let us watch and see. I am sure we all look back very soon in retrospect in amazement.  
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

An invitation to support the dinar and the strengthening of its purchasing power

(article just came out yesterday)
BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi – Strengthening of the local currency is a national task they represent the sovereignty of Iraq and preservation of state stimuli represents a great responsibility lies with the relevant authorities in the light of a series of challenges taking place in the country.
Economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle called year 2017 to be the year to strengthen the dinar ‘s purchasing power and strengthens confidence in the national currency , which represents the sovereignty of Iraq, noting at the same time the need to restrict the foreign business dealings in dollars.
And ways to revive the dinar and upgrade more than its value saw Mahouelle in an interview {Sabah »necessity of things , management of the country economic mentality and purely look long – term, along with the importance changes needed for economic experiences of states have passed similar circumstances to what Iraq is going through, as well as the reduction of trading the dollar in commercial transactions Interior to support the national currency.
Mahouelle be regulated by the Central Bank and coordination with economic authorities and relevant ministries confirmed role in enhancing the value of the dinar by preventing the circulation of foreign currency in the local commerce for any reason whatsoever and counted only in foreign trade, indicating the importance that civil and government banks take measures that will strengthen the dealing in Iraqi dinar. (they are telling us they need to prevent altogether the demand for the US dollar for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Can is get any clearer than this. They want to operate under the dinar and not the dollar? Seems to me they have been under this “closed” economy and “program” rate  too long already and it is getting harder and harder to get off it)
It is said that the sale price of the dollar on Monday amounted to 1310 dinars, ie 131 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars, while the total purchase price in 1300 dinars, ie 130 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars.
Mahouelle said that the decline in the value of the dinar against the dollar, in fact,began the war with Iran and the invasion of Kuwait, stressing that the policies of the former regime burned all the hopes of Iraqi economists to amend the path of the local economic situation and guide the country ‘s resources towards development.
He said, since the nineties of the last century and the days of international sanctions and the dollar dominates the local market transactions away from the dinar as a result of faulty economic policies pursued by the former regime.
He pointed out that when the prices of imported goods began to rise, Iraqis felt that the old price of the dinar against the dollar has fallen so much and began to think of what has become and find solutions to them.
The dollar exchange rate against the dinar has fluctuated between ascending and descending was reported in the nineties about 4000 dinars to the dollar, while the price has seen a gradual decline after 2003 to continue to decline to 1,200 dinars to the dollar in the last ten years, while he returned to rise again after the adoption of the budget in 2015 and forcing the Central Bank identifies sales of foreign currency in accordance with Article 50 of that year ‘s budget law. (so what they are telling us here is not what all of these so called “intel gurus have been saying to you over the last 6 years on their calls. Is it? Is this article propaganda? I doubt it.
Instead it appears the Iraqi dinar was already declining drastically in the nineties (quote – “reported in the nineties about 4000 dinars to the dollar”) and having an inflation problem. Then post 2003 invasion they decided to try to stabilize by intentionally pegging it to the dollar and setting an IMF programmed rate. The rate then increased (quote – “after 2003 to continue to decline to 1,200 dinars to the dollar in the last ten years” ). Actually if you compare to the 90’s the rate went up not decline. So this entire process and rate has been totally misinterpreted by many.)

Mahouelle explained that the International Monetary Fund and the post – World War II division of the world ‘s currencies to be and are non-transferable and was part of the Iraqi dinar currency is convertible.

He said the convertible currencies suitable for international settlements (ie to settle payments in foreign trade of the countries), has been preparing a list of those currencies represented currencies the victors in World War II, and did not include the Soviet bloc currencies at the time because of the approach is capitalist in the conduct of its economy and the economies of countries that fall under its control.

He said either the Iraqi currency was within the currency is convertible which can not be used for international settlements , but turning it into another currency, or to the dollar, and goes to Iraq to be paid the proceeds of the sale of oil pegged to the US dollar and that the equivalent of the dinar to $ 3.32.

He said that Iraq, which reached a population of 8 million people, citizens did not know a dollar coin and Ashklh did not deliberate it within the borders of the country at all, as hard place to find a store, in that eradisplays his goods are priced in dollars. (telling us in the past that Iraq did not deal in dollars and this was not a problem to get off the dollars since it was hard to even find the dollar used anywhere and I quote “did not deliberate it within the borders of the country at all, as hard place to find a store, in that era, displays his goods are priced in dollars.”. So this says to me that the dollar is the problem for the drop in dinar rate and they need to get off it as they compare the past when it was not used. Let’s face it – How many of this type of article must we read before they finally do it?)  

He Mahouelle at the conclusion of his speech that traders importers of goods (commercial / industrial / agricultural) were turning the dinar to the dollar when paying their price through banks, where the audience did not feel the importance of the US currency , but when traveling abroad and are turning to banks turned them dinar to the dollar and give them foreign currency in cash or travelers instruments after the central bank ‘s approval and under the foreign exchange law.

Parliamentary power: economic reasons behind the delay in sending the oil and gas law to parliament
BAGHDAD - The Journal News
It attributed the parliamentary energy commission, Wednesday, delayed send back the government for oil and gas law for economic reasons and lack of financial preparedness, pointing out that the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers taking place amendments to the law.
According to committee member Tariq friend Rashid's (Journal News), "The government has withdrawn a large number of laws, including the oil and gas law in order to make amendments to it before sending it to parliament for a vote, noting that" many obstacles hindering the most prominent differences between Baghdad and Erbil hinder passed in the process parliament ".
He added that the "government of law withdrew three times from the parliament after the recent major changes in the articles of the law and that's what did not embrace the government," adding that "there are other obstacles stand in front of the law is that the rule of law to provide that treatment of any oil fields are created after the vote on the law in coordination with the federal government and this is rejected by the last, "and the ills of a member of the energy committee of government denial that" it prevents the government full control of the oil wells discovered after the vote. "
The head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives Ares Abdullah that the project passed requires a prior agreement between Baghdad and Erbil. (Ok folks- here it is again -the HCL law. Oh-but many said they did not need nor intend to have a law passed in parliament. Really? So what is this article all about then? Why did they publish over 10 articles alone in the last year on this subject of an oil and gas law (HCL)? I will tell you why- BECAUSE IS IT MANDATED TO MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD -this is why!. With nearly 90% of the wealth coming from oil revenues and nearly 93% of the population dependent on govt salaries or pensions all of which are paid thru these oil revenues, wouldn’t you think HCL is important for sustainability of this nation?
Oh by the way - what are the UN goals for the new millennium? – SUSTAINABILITY. You want proof of what mnt goat says? Well here is yet another care I am correct.)

Iraq Three-pronged assault on Mosul leaves ISIS stretched thin 
The fight for Mosul as one that requires the Iraqi forces to go through “every room and every closet.” Photo: Ahmed al-Rubaye/AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The re-launched Mosul offensive on three axes has given ISIS “more problems than they can solve,” said the coalition spokesperson, but he stressed that the fight for the city will be a slow and dangerous one. He also confirmed that coalition forces have entered the city of Mosul, contradicting earlier statements from the Iraqi forces.
Iraqi Security Forces opened a new front north of the city last week when they began the second phase of the Mosul operation after a pause of a few weeks. The simultaneous attacks on three axes, “presents the enemy with more problems than they can solve,” Col. John Dorrian, spokesperson for the Combined Joint Task Force of the global anti-ISIS command, told reporters via video conference from Baghdad on Wednesday evening.
These three axes are beginning to converge as the Iraqi forces make progress towards the Tigris River, he added. In the first stage of the offensive, Iraqi forces were focused on pushing into the city from the east and southeast. 
Dorrian said that the city is completely surrounded and ISIS cannot resupply or reinforce their fighters. As their resources dwindle and the Iraqi forces push in from three directions, the militants have to make a decision to either defend one axis over another or defend all three more weakly, meaning the Iraqis can move more decisively, he detailed. 
He stressed, however, that ISIS has had more than two years to prepare, to build up a stockpile of weapons, dig elaborate defenses, and set up booby traps. They also show no reluctance to attack civilians or use the population as human shields, he said. 
Dorrian described the fight as one that requires the Iraqi forces to go through “every room and every closet.” He commended the forces for their sacrifices and patience in the slow and dangerous operation. 
For the second phase of the operation, the coalition doubled the number of advisors it had working with the Iraqi security forces for Mosul, bringing the total to around 450. The advisors, which include American forces as well as other coalition-member nations, remain behind the forward line of Iraqi troops but “they have been in the city at different times,” Dorrian confirmed. 
The spokesperson for the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) told Rudaw English on Sunday that coalition forces are providing air support, advice, and training but they are not on the ground in Mosul, by direction of the prime minister, who is also commander-in-chief of the Iraqi armed forces.
“For the coalition support, it’s only by the air support. And they continue supporting us with the airstrikes and we have good coordination with them,” said Sabah al-Numan. 
“During the last three days, they had about more than 50 airstrikes, destroyed enemy bases and they killed about more than 100 fighters from ISIS. This is the only support that we achieved from the coalition. It’s according to what the prime minister said that the only support from the coalition is by the air support.”
 “On the ground there is only Iraqi fighters,” he clarified.  Declining to set a timeline on final victory in the city, Dorrian said “time is not on the enemy’s side” and the Iraqi security forces will retake the city. 
Pentagon confirms U.S. troops fighting ISIS in Mosul
The Pentagon said Wednesday that US troops acting as advisers to Iraqi soldiers have entered Mosul and are assisting Iraqi troops in retaking the city from Islamic State (ISIS) forces. The US presence in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, was confirmed Wednesday in a news conference by US-led coalition spokesman Col. John Dorrian, according to the Wall Street Journal. (these US troops are hard core combat soldiers. Many of which are special forces. Note how they keep referring to them as advisors. This is supposed to calm you into thinking your young men and women are not in harms way in Iraq)

The number of US advisers in Mosul has doubled to around 450 over the past several weeks, Dorian said, noting that the increase took place during the second phase of the battle for Mosul. According to NBC News, 5,000 U.S. troops are currently stationed in Iraq, though many are located away from combat. (Here it is again…..don’t worry they are not in harms way….lol…lol)

Dorian acknowledged that the slog to retake Mosul, which was launched in October, would be “slow going” and is “going to take some time.”

Lieutenant General Talib Shaghat, Iraq’s joint operation commander, said Wednesday that 70% of Mosul has been retaken from ISIS.

“Roughly 65-70 percent of the eastern side has been liberated,” Shaghati said in an interview Wednesday, according to Iraqi News.com. “I think in the coming few days we will see the full liberation of the eastern side.”

Shaghati said ISIS “devised many plans to obstruct and block us but they failed. We were able to surpass them and these areas were liberated with high speed. We have intelligence that (Islamic State) leaders and their families are fleeing outside Iraq.”

(Okay so here we are its Jan 6th already and so where is this RV all these intel gurus keep telling you is going to happen every weekend now? Are they watching the Iraqi news to see maybe the real news and get a better forecast of when the RV is more likely to happen? Of course not! They say the news in Iraq is not important. Only what the banks are telling them is important. 
Let’s connect some dots now. So why did they tell us ISIS would be done by years end (now moved out a bit)? Why did they tell us that the project to delete the zeros would begin early 2017? Why are they now telling us all these laws (upto 30+ laws) are sitting on the table just waiting for a final vote by parliament coming back into session on Jan 7th?

Gee Whiz could there be any connection to some target date in EARLY 2017? Just maybe….come on and humor me, and say YES just this once. )

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Parliamentary Legal: dozens of laws waiting to vote during the next legislative term
BAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..khevc parliamentary legal committee, on Thursday, the presence of dozens of ready-made laws to a vote during the next legislative term, noting that the most prominent of these laws is the judiciary. (ready-made = second reading ready for a vote. They are telling us the most important is judiciary. This is the third article where they have told us this already)
Committee Chairman Muhsin al-Sadoun in an interview / Baghdadi News / "All parliamentary committees have ready the laws of the vote and up prepared to dozens," noting that "the next legislative term will vote on these laws, including the laws of electricity and intelligence and health insurance and others."
He added, "The Legal Committee has the power of judicial laws, the Judicial Council and the Federation Council, all ready to vote in the absence of disagreements emerged between the blocks on some of its provisions"
Deputy: National reconciliation is able to collect consensus of all the political parties on this Iraq project
Baghdad Euphrates News confirmed the National Alliance MP Zaher al-Abadi, the national settlement an important project and is able to collect all the political parties under a consensus.
He said al - Abadi told {Euphrates News} Friday, that " the national reconciliation project is able to collect all the political parties under a consensus and that Iraq be united and free from terrorism and that there be powered economy of all parties." 

He added, " The important national settlement project in the post - terrorist Daesh gangs stage, it is able to meet the needs of the country , if you have been dealt with by all parties as a national project, and await the rest of the political parties to participate in the settlement on this important project." 
It is said that the National Alliance , plans to put the national reconciliation project who paints the future of Iraq post - Daesh terrorist gangs stage, at the time the armed forces in all military operations formations and wide for the Liberation of the city of Mosul. 

The National Alliance delegation led by Ammar al - Hakim , a visit to the neighboring countries joined the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and was informed the two neighbors on the principles of the settlement project.  (so Iraqi’s neighbors were informed as they also play a role. Their role is to stay out of Iraq unless invited. We know they are being told to pull out their militias post ISIS.
They keep telling us about this Reconciliation because its IMPORTANT. It will probably be on of THE MOST important pieces of legislation they every put together and implemented since my 10 years in this investment saga.
So you do think this might hold up the RV? So do you think this might be the STABILIZATION factor we all have been watching for. After all when is ISIS defeated when is enough that they can then say they now have stability? WE know that the aftermatch could get messy if not handled correctly and could be worst than ISIS. So when is enough security? Maybe the implementation of this law is the gauge we should be watching? It appears they keep telling the world it is. Will we listen to them?)
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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