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January 28, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today.  
So today we are hearing news about the Iranian influence in Iraq in the past and how it is still in Iraq and thus trying to get a stronghold again post – ISIS liberation. Folks they are telling us this for a reason. They are telling us this because it’s a grave concern for them.

We hear again how Nori al-Maliki plays his part as patsy to this effort of Iranian control. I tried in my past news letters to tell everyone that Iraq will not be out of the “doghouse” as Mosul is liberated. Iraq needs to be free of Iranian influence to truly be a sovereign nation. The big question is HOW WILL THIS BE ACCOMPLISHED, since it MUST be accomplished to secure this region?
I have said this many, many times and try to shout this at the top of my voice for all to hear. There will be no RV until Iranian influence is gone to an extent that Iraq has the security and stability it needs. So today we get a very good education on this topic.

Another topic of contention with most of these “intel gurus” is the status of the oil and gas law and the necessity for it for the RV. Oh – but once again Mnt Goat brings the news to you but many will not listen once again and will go on and on with this HCL denial. So once again today I try to show the intel gurus about the necessity for the HCL law. Will you listen to me today?

Next I find a need to clarify two agreements between the US and Iraq we most often read about and get confused over. They are the SFA and SOFA.

The United States and the government of Iraq have negotiated two historic agreements:

The Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) that covers our overall political, economic, and security relationship with Iraq. The SFA normalizes the U.S.-Iraqi relationship with strong economic, diplomatic, cultural, and security ties – and serves as the foundation for a long-term bilateral relationship based on mutual goals. The SFA Security Agreement guides our security relationship with Iraq and governs the U.S. presence, activities, and eventual withdrawal from Iraq. This agreement ensures vital protections for U.S. troops and provides operational authorities for our forces so we can help sustain the positive security trends as we continue to transition to a supporting role.

The Security Agreement also set a date of December 31, 2011, for all U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq. This date reflects the increasing capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces as demonstrated in operations that year throughout Iraq, as well as an improved regional atmosphere towards Iraq, an expanding Iraqi economy, and an increasingly confident Iraqi government. (as we can see in retrospect that Nori al-Maliki really wanted the US out of Iraq at any cost. He was already looking down the road to 2014 elections and needed a “safety net” to ensure his re-election. We know the outcome of his coupe attempt in 2014. Even back to 2011 politicians were warning him to renegotiate the SFA with the US and that a terrorist organizations were already beginning to take root in the Mosul region, Yes even back then they knew what could happen.
Why was the ISIS threat allowed to progress the way it did?
It was allowed since Maliki wanted a “safety net”. Afterall he was the prime minister and proxy defense minister. He could have called his security forces to eliminate this threat early before it got out of hand. But remember the threat was also up in the Kurdistan region. We all know how found he is of the Kurds. So go figure.
In other words he always uses situations and fans the fire to make chaos and wants more and more chaos as dictators can only operate under chaos and confusion. People, when given a real choice, will never chose violence unless there is no other option seen to eliminate the chaos.
ISIS was Maliki’s reason for chaos {as he felt he would not have to later  take the blame then for the chaos) and we all know what happened next.
However it all backfired on him when Abadi was elected the new prime minister and refused to be Maliki’s patsy and another patsy for Iran. What I am trying to show you folks is these events in Iraq just don’t happen by random terrorists. Instead they are well thought out and intentionally implemented over the long term for political reasons by politicians. Yes ISIS are Islamic radical terrorists but this entire mess could have been stopped early.
So my feelings have been to get rid of the politician(s) instigating all the trouble and most of the problems go away. You weed out the root of the problem. Get it? So again I ask why does the US or Iraq not see the trouble Maliki is making for Iraq and eliminate this threat?)

The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which is the security relationship with Iraq. It protects U.S. soldiers and civilians on the ground to continue to have uninterrupted and essential protections while serving in Iraq. Our troops will also continue to have essential operational authorities to sustain positive security trends seen in Iraq over time.  

Both agreements protect U.S. interests in the Middle East, help the Iraqi people stand on their own, and reinforce Iraqi sovereignty.

The SFA and Security Agreement with Iraq move us closer to the strategic vision we all hope for in the Middle East: a region of independent states, at peace with one another, fully participating in the global market of goods and ideas, and an ally in the War on Terror. (How can anyone think that Maliki’s past reaction to ISIS 2011-2014 in Mosul was a partnership and ally with the US in the war on terror? So you see his reaction to ISIS is not accountable since in 2011 the SFA was not renewed. His way out of the situation he caused. Get it? He always makes sure he has a way out.)

We are now seeing articles on the SFA as Jaafari heads the meeting for implementation of the strategic framework agreement (SFA) signed between Iraq and the United States. 

The meeting came after Cabinet approval of the proposed Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form a higher committee concerned with the management of shared files between US and Iraqi ministries in the framework of the strategic agreement and headed by Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al - Jaafari, and aimed to activate the terms of the agreement, and take care of common interests and face common dangers and the development of the areas included in the Convention, and respect for sovereignty, the service of the two friendly peoples. (I believe Maliki is still the de facto security minister via his influence and lingering support. So if you ask me if Maliki can still cause harm? Yes and if the govt is not careful they could end up in yet another mess as he plots yet more chaos in the background. This time it will be to ensure Iranians have their way in Mosul. This of course can all be easily resolved with the elimination of Maliki from politics and I will also dare say from the face of the earth. So what this article is talking about I sure hope this includes isolating political oppositions to the SFA and using past crimes {reference to the “shared files”} to bring them all to justice-finally- ie Maliki and his goons)
The meeting concluded to the need to invest to agree on best served by reaching a sector - specific vision and translate it into reality work through the signing of several memoranda of understanding in order to activate the content of the agreement and the adoption of mechanisms for its implementation and increase the volume of cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in all areas.

Folks I have to say studying what is happening is Iraq is not only giving me an education of that region of the world but also just how sinister politicians can be. How they manipulate and deceive the citizens. What power can do to people. This is why checks, balances and controls are necessary in any democratic government but most importantly there must be built in enforcement of the consequences for disobedience of the rules. This is at the heart of the problem. No consequences and justice being administered to those who rig the system as they believe they are above the system and privileged. Can you see it in your own politics?  

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Exchanging fire across the Tigris as battle for west Mosul looms (REUTERS)

By Michael Georgy | MOSUL

An Iraqi soldier stared patiently through a high-powered scope until he spotted a bulldozer across the Tigris River. He alerted his elite unit, which fired a missile with a boom so loud it blew a metal door behind the soldiers off its hinges. The target, which was being used to dig earth berms to fortify Islamic State positions, exploded into a blaze that sent white smoke into the sky. Militants could be seen gathering at the bulldozer as it burned. Some arrived on foot, others in a pickup truck or on a motorcycle, seemingly unfazed by the prospect of another rocket landing.

"The terrorist driving that bulldozer is burning. He is cooked," said Mostafa Majeed, the soldier manning the scope.

In three months of Iraq's biggest military operation since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, government forces have seized most of east Mosul.

But they have yet to cross the Tigris, leaving the western half of the city still firmly in the hands of the jihadists, who declared their caliphate here two and a half years ago.

Now, the troops are firing across the river to harass the militants and disrupt their fortifications, in preparation for the next phase of the campaign: the fight for the other side. "The idea is to keep making life tough for them from our position, to kill them and prevent them from escaping as other forces surround them from other directions," Major Mohamed Ali told Reuters.

The methodical advance of Iraqi forces is a sharp contrast to 2014, when the army collapsed and fled in the face of a force of only an estimated 800 Islamic State militants that swept into Mosul and swiftly seized a third of Iraq. (this was ONLY because they were order to flee the battle field and leave behind their equipment, just you know the truth. Who gave the order? )

The soldiers appear disciplined as they position themselves on rooftops behind green sandbags, painstakingly watching the militants' every move through binoculars and scopes, hoping to get a clear shot with sniper rifles.

To get a closer look, the men send up a computer-operated white drone aircraft, propelling it over Islamic State territory for more accurate intelligence.

Islamic State militants are gathered at their stronghold of Abu Seif village below steep hills and Mosul Airport, just beyond the Tigris.
The group is expected to put up fierce resistance when the next phase of the offensive kicks off, possibly within days(so we know the offensive has not yet begun but is planned for days from now)

Iran Positions for Reset in Iraq after Recapture of Mosul – Can it happen?
(remember this is ONLY someone’s commentary/editorial. I personally believe they have given us an accurate history that brings us where we are today. Great synopsis of the situation. It is overly pessimistic as to where they are going in the future. But he is WARNING everyone too that steps must be taken with Iran or else….)
Thursday, January 26, 2017

The recapture of Mosul can reset the balance of power between Iran and the U.S. in Iraq and in the region. Iran has tolerated U.S. presence in Iraq because the U.S. provided sufficient airpower and training to combat ISIS. It has also backed Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi because his premiership was a condition of U.S. support and because PM Abadi is too weak to resist Iranian control. Pro-Iranian groups in Iraq will likely consider the recapture of Mosul as the end of major anti-ISIS operations in Iraq and continued U.S. presence unnecessary and unwelcomed.(this is Iraq’s worst  nightmare. Many provisions are being put in place to make sure this does not happen. Did you ever hear of the “reconciliation law”.  I brang news of this effort many times to you already. You should be VERY familiar with it by now. Well what the hell do you think this is all about? Why are they holding this off until the entire Mosul region is liberated? THEY NEED TO HAVE IT SUCCESSFUL! And this article is telling us why it needs to be successful. I think with Pres Trump in office we have a much higher chance of helping preserve Iraq sovereignty. What do you think? Dooms day could literally be weeks away. All we can do is wait and see what happens. )
Recent U.S. statements suggest that the U.S. may increase, not decrease, its involvement in Iraq after Mosulwhich is likely accelerating Iran’s efforts to expel the U.S. from the region(so Iran will probably resort to more terroristic bombings etc…once Mosul is liberated. Will it ever end? Maybe some kind of leadership change in Iran will make a difference. Maybe pres Trump can negotiate some kind of deal? Maybe trade deals, gas deals, etc,, If they can clean up these Iranian militias and get them out of Iraq there is hope for peace and prosperity after all)
Iran has started to consolidate its proxies in Iraq, including a reconciliation between Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr and senior pro-Iranian officials, in order to both increase pressure on PM Abadi against further Western support and establish Iraq as a base from which it can project regional influence. Iran’s support for PM Abadi’s premiership could also waver, especially if a more pro-Iranian candidate emerges in the next 2018 election.
Former PM Nouri al-Maliki will aim to convince Iran that he, as prime minister, would support the power shift from the U.S. to Iran in order to secure Iran’s political support for 2018 parliamentary elections(Oh boy! There’s that chewed gum on the sole of my shoe again…lol…lol…) Maliki has begun to court Iranian proxies and officials and is continuing to weaken PM Abadi’s authority, including by resuming efforts to dismiss key Abadi allies. More dangerously, he may move to retake the premiership in the upcoming month. The Council of Representatives (CoR) scheduled a questioning session with PM Abadi on February 11, alongside ten other government officials over the coming month. The questioning could be a prerequisite for a no-confidence vote. At the very least, the questioning will be a show of strength for Maliki and could undermine PM Abadi’s legitimacy. 
(I think this is the part that I do not believe and is more hype and fear than anything else. I think Abadi’s position is very strong with the USA and he is pro-non-sectarian an assumption is being make here about a weak US foreign policy from the past is still in place but this is changing as I write this commentary on this article)

The Situation

The recapture of Mosul is a given.

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recaptured eastern Mosul on January 24. Operations to retake western Mosul will begin in the coming days, (has begun already) with heavy support from the U.S. and the anti-ISIS Coalition to ensure the city’s complete recapture.

Context and Implications
Iran was tolerant of continued U.S. presence in Iraq in order to defeat ISIS, but now that Mosul’s capture is certain it will seek to expel the U.S. from the region. (how will Iran do this?)

Iranian grand strategic objectives converged with the U.S. in the near term over the shared objective to defeat the Salafi-Jihadi threat. In the long term, however, Iran aims to expel the U.S. from the Middle East. (ok how about repeating one more time)
The U.S. and Iran both supported PM Abadi’s premiership in 2014 over Maliki in the interest of re-stabilizing Iraq and defeating ISIS.

They both prevented Maliki from ousting PM Abadi in the midst of political turmoil in April 2016. ( do your remember this attempt on Abadi? The riots, the protests and the storming of parliament. This is what it was all about. Led by Maliki in an attempt to oust PM Abadi. So why do you think out pops an article [I presented it in my last news letter] where the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani, said “he will announce the independence of Kurdistan immediately, because what al – Maliki returned as prime minister”. Do you now connect the urgency of the mess Iran and Maliki are going to attempt to bring to the situation in Mosul region post -ISIS. They are going to make major effort to get rid of the USA once again, as Maliki was successful in 2011 and we all know what happened then with the run of tyranny from 2011-2014. {I will also add in the middle of this timeframe the RV was planned and cancelled due to Maliki}. Do you think the USA has not learned its lesson and are dumb enough to allow it to happen again? )
So I will please ask everyone once again – GET ON THE PHONE OR WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS. Tell them you absolutely want the USA to support the criminal investigation and conviction of Nori al-Maliki and that he should no longer be allowed to play any part in Iraqi politics in the 2018 elections or any future elections. With the new president Trump I think your voices will be heard.

The U.S. provided anti-ISIS support, including critical airpower, on the condition that Maliki would not bid for a third term in 2014 elections.

The U.S. supported PM Abadi as a candidate receptive to U.S. interests. Iran supported him because he was a weak candidate it can control.

The longevity of PM Abadi’s premiership, therefore, is linked to the necessity of U.S. military support to defeat ISIS, which Iran’s military capacity was and still is unable to duplicate, and Iran’s confidence that it controls the premiership. (this is what must change to have a truly soveirgn Iraq)

U.S. involvement in Iraq may increase, not decrease, after Mosul’s recapture. PM Abadi stated during a press conference that U.S. President Donald Trump assured Iraq of his support “at all levels” and that the Trump Administration promised to “double U.S. support for Iraq, not just continue it.” (if they can stabilize Iraq post ISIS liberation we have a very good shot at the RV. So first they need to complete the liberalization of the western half then wait and see how everything else plays out. But folks I have to tell you we are not on a day by day / every day watch for the RV. Stop this silly nonsense.
We must wait until these issues play out with Iran. Get it? Does the CBI want to launch those lower denominations? Yes and they want to do it in EARLY 2017 but to do it is conditional on having this stability. This is why I like this article so much because they are explaining to us the possible obstacles involved in getting this post -ISIS stability. So we see there is much more than the final battles to free Mosul region. So please don’t set this artificial target for yourself and expect an RV the hour they announce that western half is liberated. It is not going to happen. Stop this nonsense and listen to me. Please listen to me.)

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman stated on January 22 that the U.S. will continue the 2008 Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA), which governs bilateral relations, including in the fields of military and economic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed the SFA further on January 26, its activation, implementation, and ways to “increase the volume of cooperation” between the U.S. and Iraq “in all fields.” (this is why the US wanted this SFA so bad.)
Going Forward Iran is consolidating its proxies to challenge the U.S.’s continued presence in Iraq.. (yes Iran is going to make chaos and “stir” up the situation. You just wait and see what happens post ISIS. We are going to think Iraq is going to pot again. But is will settle down quickly)

Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr reconciled with major Iranian proxy militia leaders, including Badr Organization leader Hadi al-Amiri, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) leader Qais al-Khazali, and Popular Mobilization Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in Najaf on October 18, 2016. Sadr’s interests in Iraq have long been distinct from, and often at odds with, Iranian interests and he, his militia, and political party rarely operate in coordination with pro-Iranian groups. Bringing Sadr back under Iran’s fold consolidates the major Shi’a groups in Iraq and creates a unified proxy through which Iran can act. ( I totally disagree with this statements about Sadr as Muqtada al-Sadr will NEVER cave in to Iranian influence. He wants a free Iraq as he knows the Maliki effect and has seen the devastation in the past. Sadr does not want to go back to those days. Remember he was a large factor in preventing the success of the Maliki attack to oust Abadi in mid 2016, as they talked about previously in this article. So why in hell would he now support Iranian ideals for Iraq? You tell me cause I have no idea why he would. All his actions in the past suggest otherwise.)

The passing of the Popular Mobilization Act on November 26, 2016 further institutionalized Iranian proxy militias in the Iraqi state, but they continue to operate under Iran’s command and control. Popular Mobilization participation in anti-ISIS operations will cement Iranian presence in northern Iraq and the Popular Mobilization as a legitimate security force. (But this is where the National Guard law comes into play. This will move the “control” of any of these forces over to the govt. This is also where the US comes into play to ensure the training of these forces and that this control is not kept within Iranian command.)

(the article goes on and on – blablabla- saying the same things over and over so I did not include all of it today in this news letter. AS it is my news letters are too long. You can go out and read it all for yourself here is the LINK )

Mosul, Iraqi forces launch intense artillery on the right side (western half) on Daesh sites 

Iraqi forces launched the backing of the international coalition, on Wednesday, 01/25/2017, artillery intense on the "Islamic state" Daesh in the right side of the city of Mosul sites in preparation for storming it .

The CFTC Roudao media network to Mosul, pay for Shukri, said the cuts are counter - terrorism device from the left side Daesh bombed sites over heavy weapons to weaken the defenses Daesh in the right side.

He pointed out that the wave of thick fog engulfing the city of Mosul, but the bad weather did not prevent the international coalition air strikes on Daesh right side sites, pointing to seeing plumes of black smoke because of the continued bombardment is likely to blow a IED manufacturing regulated plants.

And transfer Roudao envoy for Iraqi military leaders as saying, if Daesh trying to cross between the two banks of the Tigris River using small boats, to obstruct the progress of the Iraqi forces , but the security deployment preventing the infiltration of elements of the organization.

The attribution of air from the international coalition, led by the United States, was launched in October 17 / October last, the restoration process of Mosul, from Daesh, who controlled since June / 2014
Change calls to speed up oil and gas legislation and legal prosecution of smuggled money after 2003 
MP from the Kurdish bloc change, Hoshyar Abdullah, the presidium of the parliament and parliamentary committees concerned and all the heads of parliamentary blocs to expedite the legal oil and gas legislation and prosecution of smuggled money after 2003.

Abdullah said in a statement received by all of Iraqa copy of it, that " the oil file in Iraq including the Kurdistan region Pat involves a high risk of misuse and its monopoly by the views of certain parties, so the lack of enactment of the oil and gas law in accordance with the directions and frameworks and national real guarantee that this natural wealth in the service of citizens will not lead to a bad future and make this wealth a curse for the people. " (folks- can it get any clearer that they need national oil and gas law legislation HCL? Oh- but many say it does not matter for the RV. Really? Almost 90% of the national wealth is from oil revenue. Sure they are working on other sources of revenue too but these other efforts will take years. Especially with ISIS and now Iranian militias creeping at their doors again. I am so tired of hearing this law does not matter. Wake up all you intel providers and listen to what they are saying. Listen to what I am saying. This article is just yet another indication of the importance of this law. They will not pop the RV without having this in place to secure their wealth)

Abdullah explained that " the monopoly of the oil file by certain political parties and families requires us to move forward towards the enactment of this Act in the interest of the people, rather than leaving the oil wealth is used to strengthen the influence of monopolizing power and positions.(wow! sounds like to me they still don’t have a legal handle on this oil and gas without the legislated law I keep telling you they need (excuse me à “they” keep telling us “they” need!)

He continued , "If the Kurdish blocs in the previous parliamentary sessions a reason to block the enactment of this law , most of the Kurds of Representatives today claim and strongly to the legislation , " noting that " the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the oil file are because of the region employees of their salaries campus and the continuation of the monopoly file oil without a trace of imports necessitates the enactment of this law. " (so what he is saying is that in the past parliamentary sessions the Kurds had reason to block the law such as for lack of salaries being paid and monopolies on the oil fields but now it is different as Kurdistan and Baghdad now agree on the solutions and they are put in the new version of the law)

And on the recovery of smuggled money , the law after 2003, a Kurdish lawmaker , said , "We ask everyone to the enactment of this Act is important, because any obstruction will be interpreted as an attempt to protect the corrupt who stole the people 's money and abroad , " adding that " the enactment of this law will contribute to the retrieving the billions of dollars stolen by corrupt mafias and smuggled abroad since 2003 until today. " (wow! again. You would think this is a very high priority since this could avoid the necessity to get all these loans, What is the road block? It is evident there is still a seed of obstacle somewhere holding these two laws from passing in parliament)

Articles End
So I will please ask everyone once again – GET ON THE PHONE OR WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS. If you are unsure what to tell them when you write them or call them may a recommend a format for you:
Tell them this: (template for your letter follows)
Dated: (current date)
Dear Honorable (representatives name and district/state):
Reference: Freedom and Stability for Iraq
First I want to congratulate you on your recent victory in the 2016 elections.
Next I want to bring an issue of grave importance to your attention.
The US has sacrificed many thousands of lives fighting terrorism and dictatorships in Iraq as well as trillions of our hard earned tax dollars.
It is time for stability and peace and to get the foreign policy for Iraq right once and for all. We are tired of the mismanagement of this political situation in Iraq by the US. Now with the new Status of Forces Agreement (SFA)  we given a second chance to allow for full and unwavering support for policies aimed at “full” sovereignty and implementation of democratic principles for Iraq.
As a citizen of the United States I absolutely and with a firm conviction want your office, representing our great state of (your state), to push for a criminal investigation and conviction of the ex-prime minister of Iraq Nori al-Maliki. He should no longer be allowed to play any part in Iraqi politics, or a role in the 2018 elections or any future elections. I believe he is indirectly or directly at the root of many of the problems experienced in the past and now being experienced by that country. These issues include the stalling of the much needed legislation in parliament and the constant threat of terrorism in that country.  
The USA should stop playing double standards with violent dictators and clean up these characters when they bring instability and insecurity to the region and world, especially with a new democracy is in such a young, fragile stage as in Iraq.
 It is time to get rid of this Nori al-Maliki as he is a liability to the peace and security of the world. I know the Iraqi judicial system has many criminal files on this man for acts of treason, corruption and crimes against humanity. It is time to bring him to justice.
Also all policies of the United States in dealing with Iraq should move towards a free and stable Iraq, intolerant of undo Iranian influence or any other aggressive from a foreign influence in that country, as I believe Iran is this source of the terrorists militias, political and economic corruption now occurring in that country.
(your name and address and district)
Printout and attach a clean copy of the article from above titled “ Iran Positions for Reset in Iraq after Recapture of Mosul – Can it happen?” Make sure you take out my comments. Include the link to the article.
With the new president I think your voices will be heard.
Why am I asking you attach a copy of the article?
You will be surprised to find out just how little most congressman and senators actually know about what is REALLY happening in Iraq. The story they get is much different and many don’t even follow the saga anyway. WE know more than they do. So we first have to educate them.
Not only is there massive propaganda to the general public of the USA but also censored news to the Congressmen and Senators. Really? Yes – really!
Most representatives are too busy with domestic affairs and leave foreign policy up to the president. This of course is their first mistake since foreign policy trickles down and ultimately effects domestic affairs too. Now you have a golden opportunity to make a real difference.
Take a few minutes and please write them. This will make a HUGE difference. Instead of complaining as to where is the RV, you can have direct impact in bringing the needed stability to Iraq thus increase the likelihood of real progress for Iraq.  
So many might say we just want the RV and don’t really care about Iraq. Really?
This is simply not true. Sure we are investors in Iraq by holding their  currency. We are of course concerned about our investment as are any other investors. But we know also know in our hearts that the average Iraqi citizen is just like you and me. They go to work each day, get paid fairly for their labor, want to raise their families, send their kids to school, practice their own religion and live in freedom and security. Is this asking too much? So what is preventing it?
They see the great wealth of their nation being squandered and want this fixed. They are helpless and know that any real change must come from enforcement of their new democratic principles. They get discouraged when they see politicians like Nori al-Maliki and they feel helpless to speak out for fear of reprisals.
So can we be the catalysts to help make this happen? Yes – I mean every one of you reading this news letter today. You can make a HUGE difference. 
No more excuses as to why you can’t do it! I’ve included the links to access the names and addresses of all the representatives. I even gave you a template for the letter for those not good in composing letters.
Senators by state: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
Congressman by state : 
Also I think maybe it’s time we continue our prayers for PEACE and ABUNDANCE & PROSPERTY for Iraq. Maybe also some heavy duty prayers for the new president Trump too. Don’t take anything for granted.
Smart card adoption deliver oil pipeline company employees' salaries

Baghdad} Euphrates News announced the Rafidain Bank, the Sabbath, all issued smart card to card to staff oil pipeline company affiliated to the Ministry of Oil in order to receive their salaries through them to lessen the cash currency trading routine(Ok folks, here it is in black and white, they are telling us the smart cards will lessen putting more cash {3 zero  notes} back out on the streets)

According to a statement of the bank, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, "issued more than 553 smart card to the staff of the oil pipeline company to receive their monthly salaries instead of manual cash." (last week we read about Rafidian bank issuing and soliciting smart cards if they wanted their back salaries paid by the govt. So today is more of the same. They want to go all smart card for all salaries)
He stressed that the bank, "went to convert salary payments through electronic payment tools to reduce manual exchange trading, and the reduction of theft and robbery on the salaries of staff operations."

It is noteworthy that a number of departments and ministries adopted the smart card in the pay of their employees to curb theft and illegal operations.
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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