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January 21, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today. First I want to congratulate everyone in USA on your new president Trump and vice Pierce. Let’s see what the next 4 years brings.

Next I have to tell you again I can hardly believe all that I am seeing happening with these Iraqi economic and financial reforms. Back years ago we would be lucky to get an article a month. Now we get at least 4-5 juicy articles a week in the areas of concern. It is all so amazing and I fully believe Iraq is now on a FAST TRACK. But a fact track to what? Could it be peace and prosperity?

Many of you are still having some major anxiety over this investment. I can hear it in your responses to my news letters. Still just date and rate people. Why are you asking me for a date and a rate. Do I decide? 

Remember what causes you to be impatient with this investment. Could it be that you have been told sooooo many times by all these so called “intel gurus” that the RV is going to happen any day / every day? So you expect it any day / every day.

So I will also say again that it is up to you whom you listen to and take to heart. Your stress and anxiety over this investment is totally under your own control. SO STOP LISTENING TO THESE PEOPLE!  STOP TRUSTING THESE PEOPLE!

On with today’s news……….

This week we get another statement by an IMF official on the Mission with  Iraq: 

The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held discussions in Baku, Azerbaijan from January 15–19, 2017 ahead of the second review of Iraq’s 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) that the IMF Executive Board approved on July 7, 2016 ( See Press Release No. 16/321). The first review under the SBA was completed on December 5, 2016 (See Press Release No. 16/540).

Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement:
The Iraqi authorities have made good progress on implementing economic reforms under the SBA. “The Iraqi authorities and IMF staff will hold discussions on the second review of the SBA in March 2017(So good review in January and next report card is not until March)

“During the discussions, the team met with Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Allaq, Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. Fadhil Nabee Othman, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministry of finance, the CBI, the ministry of planning, the ministry of oil, the State Oil Marketing Organization, the Central Statistical Office and representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.” ( do you hear of about any problems?)

As always my comments are in italic RED. Yes – lots and lots of RED today…lol…lol….

Articles Begin

Abdul-Mahdi put 8 steps to reopen development in Iraq

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} ask the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council leader former oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, 8 steps to open development in Iraq.

Abdul Mahdi said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today "the oil crisis is the event that compels us forward, to abort more corruption, to restore the real economy and get rid of the disease, and this oil sample analyzed, steps that do not require special funds from the State budget or burdensome debts, money available from the repercussions, and the lure of investment that will move the economic vigor, the alleviation of unemployment and launching national production."

He added that "some no doubt will suggest other ideas, the country needs substantial reforms, but we believe that start with these steps, is the fastest and most effective thing we can do, without drowning in generalities don't target anything specific," stating that "these steps will stimulate infrastructure projects and tax and financial reforms in customs and tax and budget expenditure policy, banking sector and in the energy sector, electricity, water, sewage and tourism, improve the investment environment in the country, etc.

The first (1) of these steps is the distribution of oil resources on every Iraqi, Iraq, tax equal his downward unsellable and inheritance. Imposing starting {oil tax} each holder of a share of 80% to finance the State budget, and the remaining 20% goes to private accounts for individuals in public and private banks, and deputies shall annually select {oil tax}, stop all forms of {support zombie spoiler}, retaining only the necessary support and product support.

Secondly (2) "Increased inviting investors to finance various projects in the energy, agriculture, industry and others covering their costs of returns, the Government and the private sector as partners in these projects. As an example in the field of transportation, calling for construction of a port is a peninsula stretching into the territorial waters of tens of kilometres, covering the cost of oil rose {dollars/barrel}, without being away from what we currently have, and to develop airports and fast train network mandated wages paid transport of passengers and goods, repairing highways and national, zonal, funded from the chart and draw using the highways.

3. "actually unused land distribution, free of charge or at a nominal price or just negotiating cases, every citizen or company wants to establish a residential or industrial or agricultural project or service, and delivers the deed after completion of the project or phases of a mission, and paranormal cases renting for prolonged periods, and display departments of buildings and plants idle or destroyed or lost for sale

4. “retirement rates and care to all employees equally in the public and private sector to get all employees equal rights, for retirement. And promotion. Employer and employees contribute to the State in the establishment of special funds.

5. "The completed ads list an annual decline of agricultural and industrial goods and events that guarantee the State to buy or win rates covered, when market lags about expenses. With the possibility that sovereign guarantees, and priority as labour standards and production basis, using modern techniques and irrigation and preserves the environment and water, each in his field and equality between public and private banks and efficiency standards, classification and lure funds {worth tens of billions of dollars} to enter banking session by providing lucrative interest rate tax inducements and protection from nationalization and seizure and securing of funds by foreign insurance company to anyone who wants it, and these smocks reinvested funds in various areas.

6. "Allow for line ministries and institutions is associated with investment portfolios opened department to ensure operational and investment budgets and accounts in banks {worth tens of billions of dollars}, or

7. “with the participation of national or foreign companies”, enterprises, specific terms by not displaying their budgets, or to obtain sovereign guarantees,

to help optimize resources and reduce dependence on one hand, and budget to help stimulate the national economy on the other."

8. Lastly, “we must organize a fair formula for the distribution of tax resources and 10 pain and fees between local governments and the Federal Government, in proportion as their provincial environment and investment opportunities, ensuring that stimulate activities and ensure fair and balanced development ".

(So none of what Adel Abdul Mahdi is telling us is new news to us…right? We all should all be familiar that these are the measures needed to reform Iraq and do it quickly. What Mahdi is really saying is the oil crisis was an awakening for Iraq. The economic collapse should have been an awakening.
Will Iraq take advantage of it? We Iraq finally let’s stop all the bullshit and steam line the reforms to the what will get the most for us now. This is apparent in what he says by his statement and I quote – “stop all forms of {support zombie spoiler}, retaining only the necessary support and product support.”. Why do I like most in this article is this, thus I presented it to you today.
Well on the surface it’s not telling us anything really new we don’t know about already but instead the importance lies on the overall message that more and more politicians in Iraq are finally moving out the idea that Iraq is a “FREE for ALL”, free for the taking if you can get away with it. Since they were in a state of war, the basic impression is that there was no accountability necessary, at least no strong enforcement. The 8 years of Maliki slowed down the progress too and instead only enforced this “FREE for ALL” attitude.
So this phase of thinking is usually very prevelant after a country is torn apart from war. But now we can see they are moving to another phase that follows once they realize the spoiler days are over. Law enforcement and a fair justice system is being put in place for those who do not want to mover forward. This is the message I want to share today. This article is showing this nicely. My only regrets is that the USA did not create the enforcement and ensure the workings of the legal system prior to pull out in 2011. But this is all behind them now as they are progressing into this new phase. Now what they really need is for the CIA to pull out and leave them alone. )
Economist: the need to review the laws of economics and the banking system to the tune market needs

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} stressed the economic expert Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, the need to review the laws of economics and re-read them, because they do not fit with the direction the state.
He said al - Mashhadani, told {Euphrates News} " The legislation of laws is not enough to promote the country 's economy, but we need to infrastructure complement legislation of lawsfor example , legislation , customs tariff law in 2010 , the government did not use it so far , so what is the use of legislation law without implementation?". (I could not agree with this statement more… this is their problem…no enforcement. But we also know too that to enforce mnay of these laws there are other dependencies that also have not yet become law. But I like the overall attitude and we can see it is changing for the better.)

"We need to re-read all the laws of economics as they embarked in times past is not consistent with the direction of the state today in the control and central markets to go to the private sector." 

He noted economic expert said that "everyone is calling in the open market economy, but reality does not have a chance , " pointing out that " the infrastructure is incomplete and that the banking system is not fully in tune with the market and the monetary policy needs in terms of the market and his work , the private sector and revitalization." (did you catch his comment form this paragraph?  I quote from the article–the monetary policy needs in terms of the market and his work”, So he talks about 3 very important areas needing reform the infrastructure, the banking system and the monetary policy (need to get out of the program rate to a real currency)

He explained that "these problems hinder the application of the laws , " noting that "legislators legislate laws from the legal side, not economic , and we need to sit down economic commission with the legal." 

The economic expert Abdul Rahman al - Mashhadani, said in a December 16 last, the old private financial resources laws do not lend themselves to the development of economic revenue

He said al - Mashhadani, for {Euphrates News}, that " the legislation and laws governing the work of the tourism and agricultural sector and other sectors old and do not lend themselves to this stage, for the purpose of developing and diversifying the revenue." 

Iraq has been since the last economic crisis in 2015, due to lower oil prices and to the adoption of the general budget on oil revenue by 90%, which led to a reduction in government spending policy and the adoption of austerity and focus on military support under the shadow of the war against gangs and Daesh. (Okay so it sounds like there is still much work to be done. Just so you know what he means by infrastructure changes are all those changes behind the scenes to support the banking sector and the economy like the justice system, taxes, utilities, basic laws that need updating, etc.. So he is emphasizing the concentration is not just on the monetary side but these other areas too. I have been telling you this all along. Now more confirmation.
So listen to me what is important in the article is the fact that he is saying monetary policy changes must coincide with all the other changes. Not separate or triggered by the other changes but COINCIDE. It is not just doing all the other changes and then flicking a switch to turn on the currency. Instead the changes needed in the monetary side must COINCIDE with all the other banking and infrastructure changes. Do you get it? So we are not waiting for them to build this “perfect” economy first rather the RV is part of creating this perfect economy. Can’t do one without the other. Please keep this mind going forward in understanding their approach. You keep asking what is holding up the RV. So what do you think is making us wait?)
Urgent storming of Tall Afar in northern Mosul  

 [Oan- Baghdad] 
Stormed the security forces on Thursday morning Tilkaif spend the northern city of Mosul to edit Daesh of terrorist gangs.
A statement by the cell-Harbi media received by all of Iraq [where] Nsakhh of it, that "the pieces Armored Division ninth Third Brigade first band breeched spend Tilkaif". (funny I was just commenting on the lack of information on the fight up north with ISIS when this article popped out. Are they reading my news letters? So the reality there is not just more to do in the western section of Mosul region but also the northern section is not yet cleared either. This was a nice update for us….lol…lol…)

Announcement of the minister candidates for the   government of al-Abadi
(finally…..lol…lol…remember they need a complete gov’t to be allowed to get the RV)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 10:09 GMT

A parliamentary source revealed today the delivery of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi Presidency of the Council of Representatives the names of candidates for the vacant ministerial posts assumption 

Source said Abadi him during the last period the names of the candidate to the assumption by the ministries vacant, indicating that the next session of parliament will vote on these names. (we hope! How many times have they told us this already and nothing happens)

The source , who declined to be named, said:
Qassim al - Araji , the Ministry of the Interior.
Hisham al - Darraji , the Ministry of Defense.
Qutaiba al - Jubouri , the Ministry of Industry.

It is said that MP for the coalition of citizen MP Ugaili Aziz stressed on the first Monday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi is forced to comply with the political blocs to choose candidates for the vacant ministries, pointing out that the agreement will ensure that the vote on the names of candidates.

The project to re-denominate the Iraqi Dinar, removing three zeroes, is close to completion

April 14, 2011 in Iraq Banking & Finance News

(note- be careful in reading this article since I inserted a current article embedded in this old article. My comments are also in italic RED)

Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the project to re-denominate the Iraqi Dinar, removing three zeroes, is close to completion(folks- this article is from way back in 2011. So what happened? Why has the project not been completed? Well we all know the answer to this question, as I have brought you so much evidence over this last 18 months to show you. In March of 2015 they told us they had the “green” light and were moving forward. Then in December 2015 told us they were “postponing” it due to “security” reasons and that they needed “stability”. Both of these issues we can see they are now dealing with. So much information on these two issues pouring in.

Just recently the CBI told us again in a new article this time as recent as Jan 16, 2017 the following and I quote “
Iraq opens the door to possibilities deletion of zeros from the local currency (16/1/2017)
Baghdad (Iraq 24) – Iraq opened the door to possibilities deletion of zeros from its currency, where the Central Bank of Iraq, said that there is full control of the Iraqi dinar. The governor of the bank on the Keywords in a press statement, that “the rumors about the Iraqi dinar at risk and prone to degradation and decline in comparison with other currencies as dollar, is not true,” adding that “Msatralih dinar fully and that in progress.” ) end of quote
Continue with past article

According to the report from Alsumaria TV, the re-denomination project is believed to be a strategic plan that will be passed to the ministerial council and Parliament once complete. ( “strategic plan” means more than just lopping off some zeros. This means there are many other events that must coincide to make this happen and be successful)

A Central Bank’s advisor, Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh, said in a statement to the agency that the plan aims to reduce transactions costs and help people carry less money(to “reduce transaction costs” means they no longer have to pay spreads to convert from dinar to dollars to pay for imports)
Iraq’s Central Bank has managed during the past five years to reduce inflation rates from 34% to 3 or 4% and stabilize Iraqi Dinar exchange rate, he said. (so there no more or no less inflation in Iraq then there is in any developed country in the west)
In an earlier statement to Alsumaria News, he confirmed that the bank plans to remove three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar, noting that the zeroes which were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply estimated at 27 trillion Iraqi Dinar. ( so now we know how much 3 zero dinar they infused into the economy. But we already knew this since I have showed you many article confirming this number. We also already know they plan to reduce this note count by 2/3 thus have much less currency in circulation in the future around only 9 trillion dinars for money supply. Of course going to a modern electronic banking society enables them to do so. So you see there is much more to the launching of the lower denoms than meets the eye. This is a multi faceted event)
Saleh revealed on the other hand that Iraq engages for the first time in banks payment system as it moved from manual to electronic clearance. The system includes six banks in addition to electronic deeds exchange, he said adding that the smart and credit cards will be bound to the central bank system.
Iraqi economists believe the re-denomination of Iraqi Dinar will not have a major influence on the purchasing power of the Iraqi Dinar “which the government has hopes high on it”.
(Source: Alsumaria TV)

(folks this info was given to us way back in 2011, does low inflation, electronic banking, smart cards and credit cards all sound familiar. Yes- we did hear about all these items way back then many years ago. We also know the trouble they had attempting to implement these projects and could not do it. Why? Basically it all amounted to the Nori al-Maliki syndrome. They could not get the parts and laws in place to more forward.
We know they are in the process now of implementing all these projects. I also want to bring out one other item in this article. The CBI itself is telling us and I quote –“ re-denomination of Iraqi Dinar will not have a major influence on the purchasing power of the Iraqi Dinar”. Wow! How many time have these so called “intel gurus” filled your heads with this stuff. Simply not true and here is the proof.  How can the purchasing power increase when the value of a 25,000 note will equal the same value as the lower denominations 25 dinars. You tell me Mr “guru” because I don’t know.
The CBI in this statement is telling us NO CHANGE IN VALUE when they launch the lower denoms. Let’s get this point once and for all. No more discussions after today okay?
It has to be this way for there to be no change in purchasing power. Get it? So I keep telling everyone that there are two parts to the RV. First part is to re-denominate then later comes a second part a revaluation once the lower denominations are launched and converted over. But first they need to withdrawal as much of the 3 zero notes to the banks as possible. They will then get to the second part. They are telling us this is a REDENOMINATION. Can it be any clearer? So please stop bashing the messenger! I am just telling you what the CBI is telling us. Their words not mine. A redenomination is not a lop.
So in order to re-denominate this means that if someone IN IRAQ were to take a 25,000 dinar note to the bank it would be worth exactly the same value as it is today about $25 USD. If they turned around and later wanted cash from their account they would be handed 25.00 dinars in the new lower denominations (thus a re-denomination) not the 25,000 old note. The important part to this first phase is this 25 dinars at this point in time would now be worth 25 US dollars if you were to convert it to US dollars. See how simple they just increased the value? But I must reiterate the Iraq will not be in dollars, instead they will stay in dinars. So they will be worried more about not having the bulky bulges in their pockets or having to carry a bag full of currency to buy groceries, or having the pickup their large sack of money at payday than they would about being RICH when this happens. All these inconveniences go away. Not only due too electronic banking and POS (allowing credit and debit card use at the stores) but also the convenience of, when they do use cash, they will need less notes for the same value. But we must remember this is just the beginning of the story for them. They still have to get out of the “closed economy” and this is when it will pay off to them the most. Yes – this is the big payoff. We must keep remembering this. They need the second phase to happen. They can not wait too long to do it and they keep telling us the timing and circumstances must be just right. This is why they keep telling us this because the 2 phases must flow one right after the other. Get it?  
How will the currency exchanges adjust to the first part of the process?
The international exchanges will probably not do anything or adjust at all for the first phase. Not yet since the second phase (the revaluation part) will come suddenly not far behind the first phase. Also they will need to move out of the “closed economy” and be able to use dinar to buy imports. Then the new rate gets picked up on the exchanges and we can go to the bank.,,bla bla bla
Will there be a BIG announcement when the value changes?

It is  all a matter of what you consider BIG. Yes – the CBI will announce it to the public since they want the people and the banks to be aware of fraud and misunderstandings in the use and value of the new lower denoms. But as far as we are concerned if you don’t watch the Iraqi news channels and read article you might even miss it. NO -huge announcements by the US govt or any other country. Yes – afterwards I am sure the news will finally get out to the public on CNN or FOX news channels about us investors and how we all made millions off the dinar with Iraq, but this all comes later. These are the only announcements I would expect to hear.
So from the first phase -Is there any change in the value of the dinar in the eyes of the Iraqi citizen? Should we expect any change in value?
NO! During the first phase the value is still exactly the same. We also should not expect to go to the banks,,,,,not yet. This is the 1:1 they keep talking about. This is how they will convert over.
Note this is not a lop within any stretch of the imagination. The value has not changed. Remember they also just told us in this 2011 article above  that inflation was already reduced and I quote from the article again – “reduce inflation rates from 34% to 3 or 4% and stabilize Iraqi Dinar exchange rate”. Why do they typically lop? To fight ramped, very high inflation……right? I am not making this up folks. Look at the old Zimbabwe notes. Now that was ramped inflation. So read my lips…. no lop!
The banks in Iraq will use these 3 zero notes during the second phase for large inter-banking transactions and they will be worth their face value times the international rate but this is only if you are converting to dollars. Like I said many times a dinar is a dinar and Iraq is staying in dinars not dollars. So the average citizen will not keep converting. They don’t care about US dollars unless they are traveling or studying abroad and need dollars.  
The processing of the 3 zeros notes we hold will be like the Iraqi bank’s stockpile of the 3 zero notes and these notes will hold also the full face value in dollars times the international rate. But remember the average citizen in Iraq will not keep converting and re-convertiing. They will only see their currency in dinars thus a dinar is a dinar.
How can the dinars we hold have any value then?
Our dinars will hold significant value. This is true because we will not be able to exchange until they move to the second phase of the project which is to increase the value significantly. Don’t be fooled by the first phase when it happens and run to the bank. We as investors will act as the bankers will act in Iraq in the holding and use of these old 3 zero note dinars. This is why the banks in Europe, Canada and the USA will want to suck up our dinars so badly and quickly. They will know they have real value. I will be more than happy to sell them to them….lol…lol…
Remember too there is also the oil credit situation in the USA but I will  not get into this with you now since every time I talk about it, it only opens up confusion and yet more stupid questions. This of course is because this idiotic so called “intel gurus” already tainted your heads with ideas and so my job to de-brainwash you is so hard. So relax and just remember what I have told you above and you will be happy and all will work out and be fine on your exchange timing.
Something else I want to add. I know that the banks In Europe, Canada and the USA are already being given a chart showing pictures of the 3 zero notes dinars, front and back much like we see on the CBI web site. Why are they being given these charts? They also have similar charts of the newer lower denominations. Why are they being given these charts? Why are the major banks (and many second tier banks) now also selling and BUYING dinars again? Folks we are just this close to the launching of these lower denominations to get THE PARTY STARTED! I fully believe they are waiting on the fight against ISIS to conclude and some other issues (I described to you in my last couple news letters  ) in dealing with corruption and money laundering. Then they are going to let this BABY go……!
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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