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January 17, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
Lots of very good articles this period. So it’s mid January already and still no RV. Where is Iraq in this process? There is absolutely nothing to indicate to us any hold up or delay in the EARLY 2017 process to move forward with the “project to delete the zeros”. There was one new article about the project to delete the zeros and I believe this one was totally misinterpreted by  many. So today I wanted to bring this article an clarify it for you and to say I believe it is actually just the opposite. It is all very good news. You see if you walk around with your head in the sand fearful or think about the glass as half empty then you too can not see things the way they really are.
I want to give you all an example of just want I mean. In one of my recent news letters someone asked me if we could go directly to the Federal Reserve and exchange our dinar. Their intent of this question was to try to see if they could bypass the private bank’s exchange spread and maybe even get a much better rate from the Feds.

f course my answer was a big fat “NO” since we, as the general public, can not deal directly with the Federal Reserve since this is why they set up private banks. The banking sector is a series of banks for the purpose of administering the policies of the Federal Reserve. In the process they make money as they must also make profit. We might feel at times these profits are too great and we are being taken advantage of and this may be true but the process is still the same. This would be like going to the President in the Whitehouse instead of your senator or congressman (who represent you) every time you have a complaint about an issue. The president can not see 360,000,000 people and be able to face all the other issues and concerns of the nation.
So when I read this question I felt disappointed. I felt like this person was missing some very basic underlying principles about how the government works. This was more than just about exchanging dinars. This was actually very scary to me too to actually think someone could even ask this question.
But this also shows an underlying willingness, an urge, an overall attitude to try to “outwit” this system in this process of currency exchange. We hear about these currency accounts to try to bypass exchanging to US dollars so there will be no taxes. We hear about non-interest bearing holding accounts so the banks won’t “take our money”, blablabla.
Folks you have to realize these are all fear driven issues, that are coming from fear driven paranoia people who should have their heads examined by a good psychologist. Are some of them good tactics to try to save money? Yes – but do they apply to you? Is the recommendation coming from a sound financial planner or an experienced attorney FOR YOUR SITUATION?
No-these are tactics used by the very, very wealthy who have billions at stake. They hire very good financial planners and attorneys to give them advice.
This gurus advice may not even apply to your situation. Obviously if you are holding only a couple $25k notes they would not apply, as an example. Just like in the past when everyone rushed out and set up these non-interest bearing accounts at the banks only to find out a year later the banks closed them due to insufficient funds. Why did you do this anyhow? You did it at the advice of rumors from some intel guru who himself admitted later he was not even going to use this strategy himself.
So you see you just ran around like rat on the spinning wheel in a cage without first relaxing and thinking about what you were doing. Instead you acted upon a fear driven response.  
My advice is first of all stop listening to all these so called “intel gurus” who have twisted you minds already in this area of deception and manipulation and with their “it’s only my opinion”. They have big egos and feel important in giving this advice. 
Pay your legal share of taxes, invest your money wisely only with sound advice from professionals and please, please take the time and be willing to spend the money on sound legal advice. Don’t get caught up in all this pre-planning stuff and trying to set everything up ahead of time, like trusts, foundations, LLCs etc… Instead RELAX and GET THE MONEY FIRST, then everything else will fall in place. All will come out perfect at the end. In fact many banks may even be willing to pay for your legal and financial planning at that time. Did you ever hear the saying “money talks and bull walks”.
If you are really worried about someone trying to take you money (when you get it), if I were you I would dig into what these so called “intel gurus” and just what they have planned for you now. They are the scammers and the very ones you SHOULD be fearful of. Instead you trust them, you give them your personal information,  You are so desperate for hype and intel you give them anything to get it.

On    with the news…..

Many articles are most revealing and positive. We know fixing the security breach with ISIS was planned for completion at the end of 2016. It has not yet happened and so we wait. It is my firm opinion (and the information told to me by my CBI contact) that it is now all a matter of physical security and banking stability. Huge, huge worry about money laundering and what might happen if they don’t fix this situation prior to the RV. Have you not seen them working diligently and very hard in these two areas lately? Why do you think they are doing all these reforms? I bring you more of this today.

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Governor of the Central Bank's "Tomorrow Press": Iraqi dinar is not in danger and delete the zeros postponed already many times, going forward
Sunday Jan 15, 2017
BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press The Central Bank, said on Sunday that there is full control of the Iraqi dinar, revealing that the deletion of zeros from the currency, deferred for the time said the governor of the bank, on the Keywords, for "tomorrow's Press," that "the rumors about the Iraqi dinar at risk and prone to degradation and decline ". (he is assuring us the dinar is NOT at risk or prone to “degradation and decline”)
In comparison with other currencies as dollar, is not true," adding that "dinar fully and that in progress. (we have read about many other currencies lately taking huge hits with lops and hyper-inflation ie Egypt, Indonesia, Iran. The Iraqi CBI governor is telling us don’t worry this is not going to happen with the Iraqi dinar). He added, "The Bank operates in accordance with the monetary and fiscal policies which are managed accurately and feminization and that the issue of "preservation of the Iraqi dinar of the priorities of his interest, but it's at the heart of his work and on the application of the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency, Keywords, said that "the Iraqi Central Bank did not specify a date for the ".deletion of zeros from the currency dinar," noting that "subject to availability of appropriate conditions, including the general stability in the country.
He stressed the central bank governor and the agency, the need to "ensure the success of the process of deleting the zeros requirements before starting out”. So the central bank will continue technical preparations in order to be practical fit when deciding deletion. 
(In reading this article I first want to say I want everyone to relax. It is not saying the project to delete the zeros is postponed again. The postponement part in the headings is simply telling us they did postpone it already way back in 2015/early 2016 and we are still waiting for it and that they are just delaying it due to……do to what,,,,what is it?  SECURITY, SECURITY and the need for more SECURITY. It can not get any clearer in today’s news letter by all the articles I present to you. Almost all of them talk about the need ofr security in some fashion either financial security or physical security. These are all very recent articles but this one article about an interview with the CBI proxy governor and the news media is the more revealing (see it below). Once again they give us a “bone” to nibble on while we wait. The CBI is basically telling us its coming and so just hang on)
ISIS Leader Baghdadi May Finally Be Cornered In Iraq 
(very deceiving headlines and not proven true)
A man purported to be the reclusive leader of the militant Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has made what would be his first public appearance at a mosque in the centre of Iraq's second city, Mosul, according to a video recording posted on the Internet on July 5, 2014, in this still image taken from video.  There had previously been reports on social media that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would make his first public appearance since his Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) changed its name to the Islamic State and declared him caliph.  The Iraqi government denied that the video, which carried Friday'sdate, was credible. It was also not possible to immediately confirm the authenticity of the recording or the date when it was made.  REUTERS/Social Media Website via Reuters TV 
Infamous Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may be trapped in Iraq, according to intelligence gathered by an Iraqi militia group.
Iraq’s Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Units, or PMUs, reported Saturday that Baghdadi was stuck in Nineveh province, not far from the city of Mosul.  The militia group cited unconfirmed intelligence reports gathered by a joint intelligence task force comprised of the PMUs and Iraq’s Joint Operations Command.
“Initial information with the intelligence bodies tell that … Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains in Nineveh … as security forces impose control over the eastern side of Mosul, while the western side is totally isolated from Syrian territories,” said Jawad al-Tleibawi, the military spokesman for Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, one of the PMU militias.
The report is the latest of many theories on the fate and possible whereabouts the terrorist leadernone of which have backing of strong evidence. The most commonly accepted theory states that Baghdadi escaped Mosul sometime in November after the start of a U.S.-backed assault on the city.  Some reports claim he is hiding somewhere near the Syrian-Iraqi border. (so this article is really nothing more than rumors)
Hakim headed .. National Alliance held a meeting to discuss the security and political situation 
Moisbn News
01/15/2017   19:44 pm (Baghdad time)
The National Alliance, Sunday, a meeting headed by Ammar al-Hakim to discuss the security situation and military operations against al-Daesh in the city of Mosul.

He said the National Alliance, in a statement received / balance of the Meuse / copy of it, "The National Alliance held today a meeting in the presence of president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki and Secretary-General of the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization Khodair al and the National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayad and other leaders."

The statement added, "The meeting will address discuss security and political situation, as well as military operations against the terrorist elements of al-Daesh."

The National Alliance held from time to time and other meetings to discuss political, security and economic developments in Albulad.

(Many ask me “when is enough security” to RV. Now you see heads of the parties getting together to talk about it. This information will eventually trickle down and make its way to the IMF, the CBI and the US Treasury. This is how they will know when there is enough security in Iraq. There is no magical formula. Again we wait for the prime minister to come out to the general public and make a speech and tell us that Iraq is free of ISIS. This is the key speech we wait for. Nothing else we read in the news about progress or defeats with ISIS really matter. I hate to say it but it is true if you want a gauge to go by).
Anmguetrah announcement of the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council
Special - balances News
It announced a number of business men and academics in the field of economics, Saturday, for a proposal for the formation of the Supreme Economic Council. (wow! We have waited so long for this to happen, finally it is here. What an announcement today!)
The consulting engineer Adham pottery L / balance News /, "The council will emerge by the Economic parliament consists of 25 people representing the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Contractors and the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Iraqi Association of insurance as well as travel and tourism and representations formal private sector, which represents a certain segment under the Law Association".
He added that the pottery "financing fiscal Parliament be by the government official circles operating in the economic parliament, where it joins a cadre of the Committee on Economic Affairs in addition to imports of unions in economic parliament."
And the pottery that "the parliament speaker is elected by the council members in addition to the two deputies and a post of minister without financial privileges, MPs and members of parliament rank of Undersecretary of the Ministry without financial privileges."
He pottery that "decisions are taken by 51% of the number present at the hearing and not the number of members".
Pottery and he pointed out that "the electoral session of Parliament be two years, renewable filtration through internal elections in affiliated unions to parliament and be in accordance with the nomination criteria."
He stressed that the pottery "filter criteria based on scientific competence in the economic sphere and are classified according to the degree of filtration Degree academy for at least a university degree preliminary."
He noted that "the President of the Supreme Economic Council, the Prime Minister and Secretary of the Council to be Secretary of the Council of Ministers and MPs have someone from the members of the government and the second from the private sector representatives."
Pottery and went on saying that "the President of the Economic parliament is elected and organs as we have said it before," he said, adding that "the Supreme Economic Council includes the National Authority for Investment and Privatization and the National Commission for companies and professional associations as well as the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives of all their members."
And held a special symposium on the initiative of the founding of the Supreme Economic Council Economic and parliament in Palestine Meridian attended reporter / balances News / hotel, and has the presence of specialists in the sector of the economy and deputies and representatives of the two committees in the economic zones the government and parliament.

Central Bank Governor: No plans to cancel the sale of currency window
 Author: morning 
1/16/2017 0:17 
BAGHDAD / Tariq al-Araji 

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords there is currently no intention to cancel the sale of currency window. (oh.. but many criticized me when I said these currency auctions have not gone away nor will they go away until the need for conversion of dinars to dollars is gone (thus getting out of sanctions). So I hope this article educates many of you on this topic and instead of wasting your time and every else’s time bashing others who know the hell what they are talking about. Instead you might want to  spend your time educating yourselves and LEARN the FACTS.. And so here they are….read on…..)

Keywords and said in the interview with »Sabah» Dialogue: The «subject to delete the zeros still exists and its implementation requires security and political stability of the country», declaring the quest to combat money laundering operations. (can it get any clearer than this. They have told us this in so many articles now it is hard to keep count. All you idiotic so called “intel gurus” do you get it now? No RV today or tomorrow until ISIS and Daesh are out of Iraq)

The following is the text of the interview:

Q: There is a delay in the launch of private contractors and farmers Treasury bonds, what are the reasons for this delay?

Sticky Treasury bonds a negative impact only on the work environment in general and the considerable social repercussions and the position of the central bank was the starting point of secretions and gravity, and Not surprisingly been floated the idea of ​​issuing Treasury bonds, as the central bank deduction to solve the problem and pay eligible rights of contractors and farmers.

This initiative large from the central bank, because it is related to the agricultural sector, which needs a lot of support and care, especially after the recent years have witnessed significant growth producing some crops, particularly wheat and barley, and also for the construction sector, which is the sector is very important and has a major role in moving the economy labor and others, so the central bank put all the procedures for the extradition of these amounts of direct and has actually after that decision was made by the cabinet the need to review and audit files in this matter before discharge to the emergence of some problems and inaccurate statements Vaclav Supreme audit reviewed the matter, as the head of the censorship financial aware of the importance and seriousness of this issue and ridiculed to great lengths to get the job done, but the problem is by providing data and information required by some quarters, particularly the provinces and the decision was to kind of unfairness or favoritism irrespective amounts do not happen and that launches a full after the completion of audits for fear of affecting operations.

It is also no idea to approach the International Monetary Fund to release the amounts of the transactions completed and depending on the course of events and based on the lag happening in some institutions, there are also differences in some of them will take much longer, so the Chief of Staff in the process of moving on the idea at all of the transactions completed and will be our conversation with the Finance Ministry in this regard that in turn, will talk with the international Monetary Fund to activate it.

Q: What is the extent of coordination between the central bank and the Financial Inspection Office and the Finance Ministry regarding the shared files?

There are a lot of coordination regarding the reforms with the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Financial Supervision required Iraqis before they are international, which is evident in the government's reform program put forward by .. Many of these themes require a joint effort between multiple institutions, especially the Central Bank as the role of leverage of the situation in general, during the year 2016 acted as liquidity support and the Treasury in amounts of up to 20 trillion dinars and the central bank as an adviser and financial agent of the government plays an important role in expressing their views and to participate discussions on some of the financial reforms, especially in the framework of the pressure of costs and increase revenue and the central bank as probes the national economy as a deal with the core of the Iraqi economy problem, which is the weakness of the productive base or weakness of the real sectors of the economy, and today the Iraqi economy is facing a very negative fact is that the government is pumping money from oil revenues for the salaries and expenses of the turn to imports develop the economies of other countries and the Iraqi economy stays down and it is capable of running the citizens and to create real economic growth.

All these things have encouraged the central bank to launch an initiative for the granting of industrial, agricultural and real estate loans a big and serious attempt to contribute to stimulate growth in the real sectors to create a productive and economic base helps run manpower, and there are multiple orientations of reform on the economic side, so it was forming a joint council to coordinate fiscal policies and cash between the bank and finance ministry have its members specialists from both sides.

Q: There are those who call to cancel the sale window of the currency by the central bank. What do you think of this Referrals? 

For window sell the currency they receive notes, it requires a deeper understanding of this process, because it stems from the deficiency, because the sale of foreign currency governed by the laws and considerations related to monetary and fiscal policy of the Central Bank, as proceed from the legal framework, law of the Central Bank states that the bank sells the currency foreign sales simple unconditional and unrestricted. Besides the IMF, Iraq agreement which as signed to join in 2008 by these countries committed not to put restrictions on the sale of currency, and the second point is monetary policy that require follow the requirements for this method because the nature of the Iraqi economy dependent on oil revenues, the dollar and the expenses of the government in dinars, (this is why the currency window is not going away and can not go away) Treasury Department convert dollar the central bank to get the dinar because most of its expenses in dinars Bank is the process of taking the dinar from the market by buying dollars to be delivered to the Ministry of Finance .. We are surprised to invite others to the failure of the Central Bank this and the closure of the window, which means closing  occurrence hits the Iraqi economy and hits the currency, this means that the Ministry of Finance pumps dinars, and there is no mechanism to control the money supply and absorbed, and other alternative from the window that the central bank when the dollars received the print dinars annually by the budget and deliver to the Finance Ministry, which in turn pumped the market, meaning that it will plunge the currency market at a price collapse of the dinar, as happened during the rule of the former regime.

The process of selling the dollar by the central bank is the process of sterilization, window sell the currency is not an option for the bank it is a legal issue relates to monetary policy requirements if the bank withheld for this collapse of the Iraqi dinar, because the dollar source in the Iraqi government, if the government grabbed the dollar and for sale means that the dinar Iraq will collapse, and the fact that the government when dispensing any dinars like really gave the citizen replace dollar or goods interview .. and some wonder why are not central banks in other countries in this process? .. the issue is quite different, as the countries that have the resources in dollars as a result of tourism and exports investment or transfer residents from the outside to the inside of the Central Bank (of other countries) which does not need to interfere with the presence of dollars in the market, there is supply and demand organize itself and interfere central bank when there becomes a disruption of the relationship between the local currency and exotic price, and when a shortage occurs or increase the either buy or sales in this located where the dollars the central bank States does not intervene and does not need to retain dollar, so we see a major advanced industrial nations reserve has a simple, because it does not need a sales process,therefore this understanding is not available, and today the money supply in the volume of currency is estimated 43 trillion dinars and if these amounts remained swells does not have the tools absorbed happen gripping situation. (basically in this paragraph they are comparing the sales of dollars in other industrial countries to the selling process in Iraq and why Iraq is so different. They tells us these other countries let the free market drive the sales of dollars and they do not need a “sales process” like in Iraq. Why? Because they are not in sanctions and they can trade using their own countries currency, unlike Iraq that must have a conversion process of dollars sales to buy foreign goods. In my opinion maybe the dollar sales in the very root of all the money laundering and corruption. This process that was intentionally set up to combat terrorism and money laundering is in-fact back firing on them and is making things worst for Iraq.)

Q:Why did not provide Iraq to ask foreign bonds?

Foreign bonds were unavailable for Iraq, because the bonds when issued depends on the credit rating or a sovereign and classification of Iraq is still without tempting level for the market of global securities, so the required interest rates are high and we tried last year as it went delegations to market foreign securities and the percentage of interest rate of 11 percent, the central bank has agreed to buy money orders, because the cost of foreign bonds are high .. now with the guarantee of US government bonds and there are preliminary approval and will decrease interest rates for up to 3 percent or less of the presence of international confidence, because these guaranteed bonds bonds about mostly do not exceed their usefulness 3 percent, and the planned launch of two billion dollars and there contacts between the American side and the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance, among other things, and we have some of the requirements and got approval in principle that was announced a few days ago, and if it gets final approval will be offered two billion dollars and to ensure that the bond raised by the United States, one billion dollars, and originally it was the international Monetary Fund during the initial review of the agreement with them when issuing his report positively on Iraq, because the IMF's external auditor for the economies of all nations as it has been to give Iraq a positive report encourages States to provide facilities, loans or grants. Everyone was waiting Fund report cash and began moving these parties, the value of loans, ranging from 15 to 18 billion dollars over three years.

Q: What is the central bank's anti-money laundering measures?

The process of selling the currency is not a problem, but the problem in money laundering they are not, as some imagine it's a waste of public money, the contrary is the source of public money, and not a negative process, and every citizen in accordance with all legal data and economic system of the right to convert the dinar to the dollar and I can not be faulted the problem in the window to check the legality of the money was non-existent and the dinar, which has been buying dollars by action, is Checked and legitimate or derived from crime, corruption or money laundering, narcotics, and other exaggeration, and this is the weak point, and the central bank distancing himself away on the subject of the fight against money laundering, and the previous administration it emphasizes that this is not the responsibility of the central bank, but we believe it is the responsibility of the central bank, because the anti-money laundering law assigned the bank, and therefore has been taking effective measures through activating the role of anti-money laundering office, and we have this role and its curve financial and administrative independence and space, nor the bank intervenes in his work, and building on the new anti-money laundering law have issued regulations to all parties and institutions concerned to comply with anti-money laundering and the central bank last part the subject.

The fight against money laundering must control all the other episodes of the brokers and traders of gold and antiquities, and banks and financial institutions, accountants, lawyers, corporate lawyers and the stock market, because the movement of money laundering are complex, he for the first time on Iraq has the assignment of cases involving charges of money laundering after a Court Council competent in this field as well as forcing banks units be created to inform competent, and put strict rules for to verify the identity of customers and the sources of their money, as applied accurately and made it a standard of entry to the window to buy the dollar standard, meaning connecting process between the two things have become and this is what we want access to him and we were able to link the process purchase between the dinar and the dollar in terms of the source of the dinar throughMake sure the bank from the customer's identity and the legitimacy of the money by providing documents that confirm the legality of the amounts, and because of these measures and others turning Iraq internationally gray area to the white area after wethreatened to turn to the black in international transactions and this category came by the organization concerned (What are they telling us here in this statement? They are telling us that if measures to prevent corruption, money laundering and funneling money to terrorism were not taken seriously and implemented soon that Iraq was threatened to get put on the “black” list. We know recently they told us through the articles we have been reading, that they have been taken from the grey list and moved to the “white” list and that this is because of the measures they have taken in later 2015 and throughout 2016 in this area of concern)
 and called the «FATF» specialized money laundering and financing of terrorism, one of the classified State and give signals .. and put a set of regulations and programs in coordination with international organizations and the US Treasury to control the operations and today every dollar paper sold by the central bank recorded program through the number could be traced. 
(so with the help of the US Treasury Iraq put in place measures to track every dollar sold)
Q: What is the amount of central bank reserves. Wayne arrived the subject of deleting the zeroes?

For the reserve is not measured by the naked figures, but measured in local mass dinar, and this figure within the international standards also Bhsabatna with the International Monetary Fund, which prepared one of the most important interests control the reserves and measured, and the latest revision of the International Monetary Fund, has shown that the reserves of Iraq from now until 2021 is not there is a risk it, and within the accounts of the Fund at the end of 2016 more than the reserve of the IMF by about 9 to $ 10 billion, and that the subject of deleting the zeros technically exists, but the need to stabilize the situation in the country, because the currency withdrawn and changed to an administrative needs stability and regulatory. 
(so I quote from the article above-  “subject of deleting the zeros technically exists, but the need to stabilize the situation in the country”  then why is it held back? “needs stability and regulatory”. What does this mean? It means stability from ISIS from Iran, from terrorists, from banks of foreign militias, political stability in the govt and banking regulations. Folks the CBI cameright out and told us in this article so what he hell do you want? Maybe some supernatural powers to come down and change everything? Remember their words not mine…You want the truth so here it is)

Zidane successor to Mahmoud in the Presidium of the Supreme Judicial Council

Baghdad balances News – Announced that the federal judiciary, Sunday, all presided over by the Federal Cassation Court judge Zidane super Presidium of the Supreme Judicial Council, succeeding Medhat al-Mahmoud.

She said in a statement received power / balance News / copy of it, “Palestinian Authority Chairman Medhat al-Mahmoud, president of the Federal Cassation Court Judge ultra Zidane received in the presence of a major prosecutorial and judicial oversight body device.”

The statement added that “Mahmood congratulated the President of the Federal Court of Cassation issuance of the Supreme Judicial Council, who was appointed president of the new law to the Supreme Judicial Council Act, and wished him Muwafaqiya in his new mission.”

For his part, Zidane affirmed “its commitment to the march of the judiciary over the past years.”

He pointed out, it “will maintain the independence of the judiciary and the administration of justice in the country on the approach that was pursued by the Supreme Judicial Council since its inception until today, especially since the head of the Supreme Judicial Council appointed was involved in the judicial process emerging”. (okay so lets get down to the facts of what the Judiciary has been up to under the Nori al-Maliki administration and beyond, since his influence has been endured while Mahmood has been in place.
Under Maliki there has been lack of independence of the judiciary and the administration of justice in the country as the approach may have been pursued but certainly tainted with bias, injustice and the will of the would-be dictator Maliki. We read dozens of articles about cases over the years of Maliki and even now after Abadi has taken office as the new PM in Sept 2014. But the injustice continues. The Amnesty law too has passed, is in the gazette yet it is not yet fully implemented. How is this? Is the law the law of the land? How could people be locked up without a trial and proof presented in court? Remember the mock case on the VP Hashemi? Who is influencing these cases. Okay now we find a new Supreme Judicial Council appointed is appointed. Will the judicial be any different? Does this all surprise you it comes on the aftermath of parliament discussing the Supreme Judicial Council Act,which continues to spin with some points of contention and   the law of the Federal Court. Remember  Mahmood was actually too old to even hang on to his position as head of the supreme judicial council as the law states an age limit. Now that Maliki has been essentially “neutered” can you see how this change can now happen (is allowed to happen). It’s all interconnected….So what other changes will shake out of this change in judicial leadership. We watch and see but we know it will all be good.)  

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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