Friday, January 13, 2017


KTFA Thoughts Frank26: "New Rate is Coming" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26

Frank26: A beautiful thing happened at the CBI early morning today Jan. 12 2017. DELTA brought it to me from the CBI website, but I am holding onto it. IMO we have SHARED enough for this week.

1. The UN Rate change for the month is shown on Jan. 13 and active on Jan. 14.

2. This could make the rate active in Iraq on Jan. 14, giving Iraq a few days to enjoy this on their own as previously stated

3. Banks are closed on Mon. Jan. 16 in the USA, which is MLK

4. This could be hidden from us until Jan. 17 when Abadi is in Davos, but was home for the RV.

5. It was noted that Bush and Clinton will be at Trump's inauguration. Interesting since neither supported Trump during campaign?

6. Are Bush and Clinton, past presidents, coming for a photo op and congratulatory hand shake with Abadi?

7. I think we all know they all stand to do well when this takes place! It should be an exciting next 10 days?

MilitiaMan: Remember they were Testing, Testing, Testing? Now they remove the numbers from the CBI spread sheet. The Citizens know the numbers. We await to see - the unexpected may just have arrived.

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