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Samson:  Iraq maintains 37th place globally from its reserves to gold

  08/01/2017 - 10:44

World Gold Council said on Saturday that Iraq maintained the 37th place globally and Arab fifth of its reserves of gold with the beginning of the year 2017, indicating that these reserves did not register a change, reaching 89.8 tons.
The Council stated in the statistics published on its website and seen "Economy News" him that "Iraq has maintained its 37th place globally and fifth Arab from its reserves of gold during the month of January of this year 2017," noting that "Iraq came fifth Arab rank after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya. "

It added that "these reserves of gold are held constant which reported 89.8 tons, representing 7.1 of the rest of the other currencies," he said. "The last purchase of gold for Iraq was in the month of April 2014 where 15.16 tons bought."

He added that "the world's gold reserves rose by 67 tonnes for the month of December to reach 33,248 tons, while the United States ranked first globally in terms of these reserves, which amounted to 8.133.5, followed by Germany with 3.377 tons.


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