Thursday, January 5, 2017


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I know some are tired right now. I know there are others that are frustrated right now.  I know there are some that are struggling right now.  I personally, am all three.  All this in my opinion...this is not about us. Sure, we hinge our relief from stress on this one event...but think what this means for the citizens of this country?

There was an article today about a family that had returned home to find all their possessions gone, their car burned...and yet they talk about inviting the homeless into their home to make bread. They, this family that didn't eat for eight days on their way to their refugee camp, invite the less fortunate to "come in" to their home and provide for their family.
Their quote was that the "road to prosperity" will be a LONG ROAD.  And here we sit, saying...."are we there yet?!?"  "WHEN". "WHEN". "AT WHAT RATE".  

When was the last time any of us didn't eat...FOR EIGHT DAYS?  I am so humbled.  As much as I NEED....WANT....I am humbled because I eat several times a day while I wait for this to happen.  And with no threats to my life.  

Wow, family, please chill out (note to self).  Let's continue to study, continue to be humble...continue to pray and stay strong(er). Love you family...we got this.

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