Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Samson:   Frank. Haven't listened to the call but had a thought today and not sure if it has been addressed.  Is there a possibility that one of the reasons  for the ban of Iraqi's trying to leave Iraq by the U.S.A. and trying to immigrate there,  is not only to filter out the terrorists, but also because they need all Iraqi's to stay to help rebuild their country and for them not to miss out on the change which is about to happen any moment for a new beginning and prosperity in their own Country?

Frank26:  Yes we talked about this on the CC but .......... No .............. T (Trump) is just scaring bad people from finding anymore hiding places in the USA. IMO ............ Not at all related to the MR we study.

Pmac:  Rocking CC Tonight.  Not that I'm oversimplifying here... but tonights CC could be summed into one statement:  "Follow the Money because its existence is for a purpose".  If you know who is moving it, then you might be able understand the why (Hint: It's the start of the LL “long line” ).
And finally, not that we are so naive that we can't figure out what an ooooops $3.86 is on some Kurdish website... But C'MON MAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Like driving up the longest driveway ever to a party where balloons and arrow signs are totally giving the surprise away... not that I'm complaining.

Give me Mosul.  Give me release from Chapter 7.  And give me a rate on the CBI website in ≤ 30days from Jan 4 2017.  You tell me celestial agreements have been acquired, and I say MOOKLAH MOOKLAH MOOKLAH!!!

Apmcrx:  Recalls that Iraq has to compensate the State of Kuwait in exchange for the destruction of the infrastructure in the first Gulf War, after 2003, Kuwait said it has so far received $ 13.3 billion in compensation from Iraq for its invasion and occupation in 1990 was "the General Authority for compensation," announced that the total what I received from amounts since the start of the United Nations compensation Commission about 13.307 billion US dollars, equivalent to 3.887 billion dinars.


He said either the Iraqi currency was within the currency is convertible which can not be used for international settlements , but turning it into another currency, or to the dollar (Oogerh), and goes to Iraq to be paid the proceeds of the sale of oil to the US dollar and that the equivalent of the dinar to $ 3.32.

Dec 21st WCC we drew a box with barrel price and dollar equivalent $3.71. Frank26
Saturday Jan 28th basnews

I like it!!!


Apmcrx:  Fyi…..A Rooster year doesn't start from January 1st!

A zodiac year starts from 'Start of Spring' according to thetraditional Chinese solar calendar, and 'Start of Spring' is on February 3rd in 2017. However, most Chinese tend to name a zodiac year from Chinese New Year according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, thus the 2017 lunar year of the Rooster starts on January 28th.

Cole:  "January the 20th until February 2nd or 3rd would be a wonderful time to raise the value … but I believe they are negotiating past the RV.~ Frank26"

taken from Militiaman's post of highlights from Wed night CC 1/25..

Stephen:  Maybe something, maybe nothing... several years ago i went to allwhois.org to find out who owned and operated cbi.iq website and it was operated out of a Houston texas server. I checked again right now and found the info has been erased and replaced with question marks. That is a definate change. There's a new server somewhere

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