Monday, January 30, 2017


Doodlebug:  (late Sunday Night) BasNews Clarification on Exchange Rate Section
ERBIL- BasNews Agency Clarifies that the exchange rate occurring on BasNews website may not be accurate for the timbering due to some technical issues on our newly-designed website.

This section is under maintenance and the dysfunction will be fixed very soon.

The exchange rate in Erbil according to local stock markets on January 30th is:

100 USD = 128,000 IQD
100 Euro = 138,000 IQD     LINK


Don961:  Not seeing any rates posted at all ... on any of the 5 languages offered .....perhaps because it was being talked about ?? .... IMO


Tank:  You notice what they did, don't you? Did you go back to the main page? They did not correct that figure on their website...they simply took that portion down completely (the currency and weather).

If the exchange rate is higher, great! If the exchange rate is the same as it was yesterday, we drive on till something happens other wise.

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