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Salamon:  Good morning family.

Good broadcast at The House of Destiny which is Kim Clements ministry this Saturday!  They had extensive report about the prophecy of Kim speaking in advance years earlier about Donald Trump becoming President,  the Dow reaching 20,000,  also drought in California suddenly ending with huge amounts of rain, the Iraqi dinar, and the middle east coming back to life because of the prayers of Iraqi and Iranian Christians.  WOW is all I can say.  To God be all the Glory.

The important thing is all these events converged this last week.  You will be amazed at the prophetic word about the drought in California SUDDENLY coming to an end with news coming out 1/26.  The SUDDENLY about the Iraqi dinar is now what we wait for with these others signs be fulfilled.



Risk1:  Beautiful..Beautiful....Were almost there folks..There telling us point blank.."former glory"

Walkingstick:  A source reveals for "tomorrow Press" about the size of the cash reserve at the central bank
14:18 29/01/2017

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press A government source revealed on Sunday, for the low monetary reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq to $ 45 billion, as a result of the deterioration of oil .prices and the continuation of the "waste" of public money, said the source for "tomorrow's Press," that "the government has stopped at the moment Antrza, dependence on bank reserves began to take advantage of the state's resources and borrowing, "noting that" the high price of world oil market also contributed to stop relying on the financial reserve.

" He added that "the central bank's reserves in 2014 was 87 billion dollars, and as a result of cost to the country because of the war on Daesh and lower oil prices, Iraq relied on this reserve for running the country and the payment of staff salaries and the needs of the market, "pointing out that" waste of ".money year contributed to the decline in current reserves to 45 billion dollars He pointed out that" the Iraqi dinar is still safe despite the decrease in the reserve, is expected to return to its former glory after the end of the war on ".Daesh



Keywords: $ 45 billion in Central Bank reserves and turned to support budgets


Iraq Stock Exchange recorded a record trading trillion dinars


Iraq and the United Nations sign an agreement to establish a fund to finance the "economic reform"

January 29 2017



WaymakersKid:  Ok, now....would it be possible for one of you 3 geniuses (I mean that with deep awe and respect!) possibly do a video (or whiteboard so you don't have to be seen) class  called "Financial Systems for Dummies" in which you proceed to give an overview of the difference between the UST and the Fed Reserve and just what their actual jobs are supposed to be as apposed to what they are really doing, why everyone says the Fed should be dissolved and why it's now tasked with making our payment system faster, etc?

I'm a very visual learner and I'm just not picturing all this correctly in my mind and I hate to be stupid about important things like why is it other countries have Central Banks but we don't and is the Fed or the UST supposed to be our "Central Bank"? I know there is a Clearing House in NY that all funds move through going in and out of the country and that the Fed sets the interest rates but that's about it.

There my ignorance is out there for all to see.

Thank you for considering this request (cry for help! lol).

ComingSoon:  The Federal Reserve is the US Central Bank, and most of the central banks internationally are linked (as being Rothschild-owned or controlled Central Banks) to it. It is not the first central bank we have had. Google Andrew Jackson and the central bank... when he shut down the central bank the USA had some of the fastest growth in our history.   Interesting times we are living in. IMO

Late Saturday Night:

MilliesMom:  I'm looking at basnews.com. It's showing dollar 3.648, Euro 3.844. Is this something to get excited about?

OffGrid:  http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/

Art:  Milliesmom This is very interesting and may be the rates alright for the usd and euro. Hmmmm

RockyMntLady:  I see the rate...$3.648. If it is true and real I will be happy, thank you very much!  100 dinar = $364 ... do the math...means 1 dinar = $3.64… Even if it is only an in country rate, this is great news!

Keter:  Hmmmm....all the reviews that I have seen for basnews are positive. Really do hope that we are in the final days as Ray says.

Lilypad:  can I give my opinion. This was quite an interesting find

In Iraq 1000 fils is one dinar . In the US 100 cents is one dollar

The pricing I have seen if in dinars has three digits to the right of the decimal. The pricing in the US has two digits to the right of the decimal. Since I am seeing three, I would say the there digits represent fils. So 1$ would be 3..648 dinar. 1 Euro would be 3.844 dinars.

Currently, there are so many rates in Iraq depending on where you are in the country. Until the CBI updates that rate on their site to stabilize the rate, we are going to see different rates

Tex20071:  Lily.....is Iraq going to Digital currency? How do the fils translate to Digital numbers?

Lilypad:  Tex--when money is transferred and payments are transferred thru the blockchain, the number of digits in fills and cents will not matter IMO…. Iraq will be basil 3 and is waiting on the US to catch up! They are waiting on the Basil 3 digital dollar.

Lilypad:  I do have my opinion on the rates on baseness.com. Iraq has fils 1000 fils = 1 dinar. US has pennies. 100 pennies - 1.00. Since there are three digits to the right of decimal, IMO this is 1$ equals 3.644 dinars or 1 euro - 3.844 dinar.

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