Friday, January 20, 2017


Sunny:  Who's on First? IMF? CBI?

KTFA, PAPPAJACK, Jan 16, 2017:
". . .Iraq has already started as an asset backed currency.  They tell us no problem, we can back our currency, but they never tell us the true figures of what they have and never will tell us”. 
Frank revealed last night that the budget is in the Gazette.  If they can back their money why not just show the rate and get the party started?  Security of Mosul?  No . . . really, No. Remember the CBI controls inside of Iraq but the IMF ultimately controls the numbers given and it’s release.  So what is the IMF holding the numbers for?  IMO, they are holding the numbers because there has to be asset backed money to exchange for.
Would you give me gold coins for an IOU, knowing that in the long run there was no way for me to back up my promise?  Don’t think you would!  There has to be something that is asset backed to do business on the other side and seeing the USD is the largest reserve currency in the world, I believe the FED dollars has to be replaced with an asset backed dollar.
Is that ready to be done?  My suspicion is Yes.  Otherwise, Iraq would have to still be on hold not to produce their budget.              
It is now Iraqi law and Abadi can execute the rider any time it’s called for to change the rate in the budget.

Sunny:  Rest of Pappajacks comments would be considered political as he makes observations about US administration, incoming US administration and "M" but can be read at:

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