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JeffDavis:  72 hours.....hmmm.  Isn't this the same amount of time that Eagle1 was asked to wait before he could say anything?  Isn't that what Frank said in the video?


Don961:  Abadi prohibits military commanders to make any comments for 72 hours

01-01-2017 12:23 PM A senior source revealed, on Sunday, for the prohibition of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi participants commanders operations liberation of the city of Mosul Daesh terrorist gangs to make any statements for a period of 72 hours.

The source said that 'Abadi , sent a formal letter yesterday it decided to ban the testimony of statements from military commanders on the battlefield.'

He pointed out that ' the decision was in the public interest for the conduct of military battles there.'

The constituent units of the army and security forces and a counter - terrorism and federal police began four days ago , the progress in several subsidiaries of the left coast districts of Mosul, shortly after the start of the second phase to complete editing the left coast of Daesh terrorist gangs.

The security forces seized control of the 46 dead in the city of Mosul and 44 percent of the total area of Nineveh province , with the completion of the first phase of the battle restored from Daesh , which was launched last October 17.

And participate in the process of security forces and the Peshmerga forces and the international coalition , composed of about 60 countries led by the United States.

The commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the day that the 'O operations are coming Nineveh entered a decisive stage and is proceeding according to the planned Vqguatna fighting inside the city of Mosul , currently high morale and spirit of victory and the enemy is witnessing a collapse and refracts'.


Toyvp:  E1 was told it might be better for him to come on next monday, Frank and teams feel that with in the next 72 hours there will be an explosion of information coming out

SlappySquirrel:  IMO...Abadi is " setting the stage" for the announcement of Mosul. I think Abadi is also telling his commanders  "Hey! Don't any of you go running your flappers about Mosul.. Until I get there!" I still believe we will also see a RV before  the Mosul Flag is raised... in 72 hours. ...imo

Walkingstick:  Huani: significant changes will occur during the current year

Erbil / Iraq News Network said Khalid Shwani, a spokesman for the head of the Iraqi Republic, on Sunday, said that big changes will occur during 2017, pointing to the need of the Kurds ready for the post of the "Islamic state" Daesh. He Huani in a press statement today: "

The big changes will occur during 2017, especially in the field of relations between Erbil and Baghdad , and the fate of the Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Region administration . " He added , spokesman for the head of the Iraqi republic that "2017 will definitely be in the elimination of Daesh, so be on the Kurdish leaders to prepare for the post - Daesh, especially with expectations that the Iraqi government will be stronger at that point. "



Don961:  GMT 12:33 2017 Sunday, January 1GMT 12:42 2017 Sunday, January 1 : Latest Update

China tightens controls on currency exchange

Chinese authorities have sought to support its currency

China plans tighter currency by individuals exchange operations, in an effort to halt the flight of the massive movement of capital out of the country, amid the decline in the yuan exchange rate.

Beijing: official agency charged reported monitoring foreign exchange market Saturday that it now imperative for individuals wishing to carry out transfer payments yuan into foreign currencies, to provide more detailed information to their banks, including providing explanations on property question operations as well as identity documents.

The agency said on its website that the individuals can transfer the equivalent of fifty thousand dollars a year, noting that this limit will not change. She explained that "closing the gaps in surveillance," presumably new measures to tighten controls to prevent maneuvers to circumvent this ceiling.

She said that what is needed, "the fight against illegal transfers and money laundering and bank secrecy," saying it "will double checks and random tighten sanctions." As for the banks, they will be obliged to confirm its authenticity of the information that you receive.
On the other hand, it will have on financial institutions as of July to inform the Central Bank of China in any international transfers exceed two hundred thousand yuan ($ 28,800) in order to combat "money laundering." But this heightened surveillance is particularly fall within the wide range of measures taken by the communist regime to contain a massive flight of capital out of China.

About a thousand billion dollars came from China in 2015, and continued this movement in the past year as well to reach $ 690 billion in the first ten months of 2016, according to Bloomberg estimates.

With the slowdown in the Asian giant's economy, and the weakness of the yuan, and anticipation increased key interest rates in the US (which makes bonds more attractive) dollars, net savers to deposit their money in currencies other than the Chinese currency. As a result, the yuan intense pressure led to the decline in the exchange rate to its lowest level in eight years against the dollar, having fallen about 7% during the year subject.

This leads to a vicious circle, as the decline in the price of the yuan in turn raises the concern of savers and exhorts them to hire more of their money in safer investments and payoff abroad.

For its part, the Chinese authorities are seeking to support its currency, the yuan-denominated funds to buy back, using it for money from its reserves of foreign currency, which led to the decline of these reserves by about $ 70 billion in November.

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