Sunday, January 22, 2017



SeaBass:  Just a thought here:

Maybe the "unknown" incoming administration, even with prior assurances, needed to be vetted after Trump took the oath. News afterwards from the new administration needed to be said and heard.

Now this morning we finally hear of the last of Mosul liberation being strongly confirmed.

Just a thought in my own words..

Walkingstick:  US ambassador: We will give hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Iraq in 2017    http://alghadpress.com/ar/news.....D9%85-2017

WaymakersKid:  :  Interesting....this is totally contrary to what Trump has been saying especially in his inauguration speech. How can we give hundreds of millions more if we can't pay our own bills here? What have they done with the billions the world has already given them? Paid any of their debts? No. Feeding their displaced? Some.

We really need to pray folks that this country will wake up to the Spirit of Jesus Christ or they will continue to throw shoes and steal.

Tommy17:  Because Trump understands!!!  Without a stable Iraq ( Marshall plan) we will not be able to pay are national debt of 20 trillion and climbing.  This is very good news IMO

Mike100:  its called politics ...we have way more invested in Iraq than a couple of million ...that is peanuts.. imho the U.S when its all said and done will make multi- billions off iraq.

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