Monday, January 2, 2017



Pmac:  $0.02 on a Sunday night
DJI (Dow Jones, Industrial) has not hit 20,000
Mosul is not liberated completely
The project to delete the three zeros has not been altered (yet??)
We know lower denoms and ATM operating systems are ready
US Tier 1 banks are selling IQD again
We should have a budget here soon (revealed @1182 for the time being??)
UN is asking to get paid their cut of $$$
Kuwait has signed strategic agreements with Iraq for the first time in almost NEVER, and that's just what I can think of in the minute or so it took me to type that...

I know it might be absolutely ludicrous to the weak minded... but at no other time in my almost 7 year journey with this speculation have I ever been able to make this kind of list with these specific of accomplishments or near completion(s).  No one has.
So I'm going to default to the Rabbi's current one-liner delivery of "Whatcha worrrrried abooooout???"

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