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FrostyTheSnowman:   Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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​Frank26:  For those who were here early … you already know what’s going on with my Teams.   All Teams are gathering tonight. Let’s roll!

Greetings family.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another one of your conference calls.

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior.

We are gathered tonight for some very serious study.

<Prayer by Frank / Shofar by Andy>

(info about Business merger)

FRANK26:Let’s walk into our study of the IQD.

This is going to be a little different.  “Happy FV Day!!!”

Those are my initials by the way. (FV -- Frank Villa)

I’d like to express my gratitude.

We had a gentleman on our forum that I believe was judged wrongly.

I’ve already apologized to him … and I feel that a little injustice is being done by Juan0007.

After our CC on Monday, he posted … “well Frank, I disagree with you.  I don’t think the son-in-law of Donald Trump was in Iraq, because here are some pictures of him standing next to his Father-in-law signing some Executive Orders on Saturday morning.”

That individual (Juan0007) was very polite.

Unfortunately, I became defensive … which was not very polite.

I should have left it alone … but at the end he did say something that made me defend myself … I suppose … when he said “show us proof, show us pictures that he’s in Iraq, so that our KTFA family would be satisfied.”

No one was asking for that info except for that individual … and that’s why I’m afraid that I acted in a negative way.  I shouldn’t have done that.

Many of you came to my support … and we isolated Juan0007 … and it made him feel bad.

The next day, I apologized … but we still kind of yelled at him and told him that he shouldn’t disagree with Frank.

If Juan007 wants to disagree with me … that’s ok.  It’s just that he should speak for himself … not all of KTFA … and that’s what got under my skin.

The following day I made a video … I’ll tell you something … after I watched that video … it got to me too.  It’s amazing how God works through us … not in mysterious ways … but many ways.  I suppose he gave me the words in that video to share with you … how I felt.
After the video, there was a waterfall of posting.

Many were supportive of my direction … and then FrostyTheSnowman comes on … and he says … “this is crazy”  … ...  F26 gave us a mountain of information … and you pick on one small little thing?

So Frosty suggest that … you know what?  Maybe my notes are causing problems – so maybe I’ll just stop with the notes.  And a lot of you … that hit you hard … and it shocked many to think ... wait a minute … no more Frosty notes?  But they are very acute … right away.  We need those notes … we’ll be a little depressed or sad without them.
I talked to Frosty today … told him that he reacted just like I did … maybe a little undisciplined.

I told him (Frosty) that if you wanted to stop the notes, that’s up to you.  May I suggest that maybe you come in once in a blue-moon … when you think there is something important that you want to make notes for us?  May I suggest to just do notes on Monday’s CC.  May I strongly suggest that your talents should not be shelved.  What you do for KTFA helps a lot of people.  You may not know it, but God knows it.  So Frosty said that he would think about it … pray about it.  So don’t give up on Frosty just yet family.

So … to those who did not believe me that he (Jared) was there … did you notice that on Monday there was an article that came out that said very clearly that Jared was scheduled to be in Canada, but because of some other issues, he was NOT there … but they did not tell you where he went.

In the video, I also tried to explain to you that the media doesn’t always tell the truth.  Do you understand this family?  What you see on television … please … do not assume that it is 100% truthful.

Donald Trump is a master at using social media … and he uses the TV on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

IMO … Jared did go to Iraq … but I did say (on Monday) that “due to some airline issues he may not be gone yet.”   Isn’t that interesting.  That was avoided.  Somehow that … (which was the solution to the question) … oh … I guess he hasn’t left yet … like Frank said.   I don’t have to ask … “hey, prove to me Frank that he was there.”  Frank did say that because of complications, he might not … but no worries.

Unfortunately when we’re driving 100 mph down the highway … the speed limit sign goes by very fast – and you can’t see the sign.  Just like sometimes we want the answers to this investment as quickly as possible … RIGHT NOW … don’t give me any other garbage … give me what I want!  And that can cause problems.

If they would have listened to that full sentence … if they would have read Frosty’s notes … their wouldn’t have been a post questioning me.

I am here to apologize for my ego … all glory belongs to our Heavenly Father … and I’m trying to steal it.  It’s not just your side that I can see.  You see … you can’t see my Teams.  I respect them … I love them.  I follow them … and obey them.    I apologize to anyone who needs them.

So … now that I’ve given out my excuses and presented my evidence (which I was correct – and had a back-up to what I said) … let’s move forward … be happy … be a family.  Let’s not allow any demons to defeat us in any way shape or form.  Ok?   Please.

Next time you see Juan0007 post, lift him … post to him … make him feel like a hero … not a zero … he meant no harm.

Now … another thing that can be somewhat of a nuisance to me is some people were posting things … saying that they were confused.  Questioning calculations … how can there be one rate here … and 100 miles away a different rate?  Like .33 cents in one area … 1 to 1 in another area.  This doesn’t make any sense in the banking structure.  Where did you miss the part where I said that the CBI is allowing them to do this?  Oh yeah … Frank did say that.

I asked one individual … have you ever lived in Iraq?  That person … did not reply.  Another one did … and I responded that … “I didn’t ask you.”  I know you live in the streets of Iraq.  I know that.

Don061 (POST 307) … it said … “Dollar prices are down compared to the NEW Iraqi Dinar.”
WAIT A MINUTE … say what?

 “ … to the NEW Iraqi Dinar?”

Is this about the “in-country”?  Yup.

There is nothing “NEW” about the old torn, worn-out notes.  LOL  Nothing new about that.
Another article #227 … “the dinar is witnessing a rise in the current days”   …
Really?  Sporadically … like in different areas?

Because I didn’t see a rise in the exchange rate.

I don’t even see the exchange rate.

For those who live in the streets of Iraq … you know what I’m saying.
Article:  “HIGH VALUE of the dinar against the dollar in the domestic market.”
That’s why I said … do you live in the streets of Iraq?

Yesterday … that’s why I used the car example … they know what is about to happen.

You know something … in 1965 and 1966 … I lived on the south side of Chicago on 91st street.  For entertainment my dad and I would look out the window … often see fights or “rumbles”.  My school was 10 blocks away.  Each block had a different gang.  In order for me to walk from my house to my school … I had to belong to a gang.  We had to pay … or find routes that would protect us to make it to our destination.  Sometimes we would use bigger people “body guards” – and we would have to pay them – and that was just to go to school.

In our “group” (think gang) we used to exchange money with each other … we would take the money … the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, .50 cent pieces … and on the streets … we doubled the value.  The leader (lieutenant) could only use one set of money … like a dollar … because they didn’t use change. One dollar was actually 5 dollars.  We used our own “street” market … on the currency we had in our hands – in order to survive in the environment that we lived in.

Does that make sense to you of what the Iraqi’s are doing in certain areas of Iraq?

If you live in Iraq … and you don’t see that type of activity happening … it’s probably not happening in your area.

Liquidity in the streets is lacking.

They collected a whole lot of zeros.

The goal was to collect 75% of the 3 zeros … I think they’ve got 90-95%.

The citizens use other things other than the American dollar … in fact, they have a barter system, where there is no money.  They create their own market … their own rate.

Of course that doesn’t happen everywhere in Iraq.  Iraq can’t communicate something that quickly.  Of course you can’t find things that I’m telling you.  Of course you can’t find the .33 and 1 to 1.  It’s all in my opinion.  What is MY opinion worth?  Not much?  Not much?

Let’s move on …

Allow me to say to you that … IMO … I am very shortly … maybe next week … no later that the first week in February … you’re about to see eDinars.  You can’t “see” them … but you know what I mean.

The system of eDinars is about to take over the bank in Iraq.

But eDinars are completely illogical at a program rate … UNLESS … they have intentions of lifting that program rate – which would not do any good to bring in the eDinars.

You know what that is?  That is not a cocky attitude.  It’s an attitude of confidence.  If you’re going to bring in the eDinars … you’re going to have to lift the exchange rate.

You know that.  No exaggeration.  No IMO … there is no BS here.  Do you understand.  You’re confidence Iraq must be so high … you are about to bring out the eDinars.  And they will NOT be at a program rate … they are not meant for that.

eDinars …  in my opinion means a revaluation of their currency.

eDinars … means an implementation of their budget.

Can you imagine eDinars at 1184?

Of course not!

To me … eDinars mean an ACTIVE IMPLEMENTATION of the BUDGET … they are HOLDING not HIDING.

Tonight … I will say “NOTHING” ………………….… yet explain “EVERYTHING” to you.

My Teams are not with the revaluation of the currency … they are PASSED the RV.

You talk about the RV all the time … and I’m sorry … sometimes we clash … because we are NOT on the same page!

The amount of work / progress since the 20th is of great joy to me and my friends.

We are NOT at the RV!!!  Right now … we are at the eDinars … which is a very curious thing.

eDinars are NOT for a program rate currency.

The only way to bring out the eDinars is to bring out a new rate … and an active and implemented budget with it.

Frank26: There have been a lot of meetings.  IMO … these have been very, very successful.

Ever since the first part of December … the meetings have evolved … now formed a SOLID monetary reform for the IQD.

I don’t think we are dealing with the same issues that you are … like … “oh when is it going to come out? … how much?”

We’re not at the beginning of the book.  We’re not at chapter 1.  No.

We’re looking at the last sentence of the last page of the last chapter.

IMO … TODAY would be a good day … to put a PERIOD (.) at that last page … that last sentence of the last paragraph.

The meetings intensified … evolved … to a point of satisfaction for all sides.

This is a cornucopia … many voice … listening to a select few voices.

IMO – maybe you should start tonight … to look for movements of large capital.
May I suggest … with sincerely … hang around FOREX.

Look for the evidence of what they told you they wanted to do at the MOOKLA of 2017.

I believe you can start with that evidence TOMORROW.

I called it a PERIOD (.) at the end of the sentence … last page … last chapter.

If it is … then they have turned on the switch for the monetary reform.

They have done their best to give you Mosul as liberated as possible … even today they tell you that Baghdadi may have an infection … maybe he dying (wink, wink) … as said by the Pentagon.

Baghdadi might have an infection … maybe dying somewhere in Mosul.
The timing of many things … like the budget … how that happened … all close to Baghdadi’s death.  Don’t you sense it?

I have to be careful in how I express myself tonight.

When you turn on the light … with a switch … well everything is exposed.

When you go to turn off that switch … you may think that you turned the light off … but … that initial light is still traveling.   You’re not going to stop it.

I believe that there has been a switch that has been turned on for the monetary reform.
You are about to be put into the light.

I don’t know when … I don’t know the rate … but they have told us they want to come out at 1 to 1.
I suggest on Monday that they are past that … working on a cap … because Trump scared the daylights out of them by saying he would take the oil back.

There have been intense and successful meetings going on and I’m not exaggerating.

Tonight … I will meet with the majority of my Teams at 1AM … because we believe it is important to compare notes.

If I am suggesting for you tomorrow to start searching … diligently for large movements of capital … that means you would have to consider 72 hours later … wouldn’t you?

Those next 72 hours may drive you crazy.

Please join me … because I plan to go into God’s spiritual waiting room.

Again … I don’t know the date … I may be completely wrong … I don’t know the rate … except they tell you … 1 to 1.

I disagree with you Iraq.  If you increase the end-cap … does that not pull the front-cap with it?

Let me be sincerely honest … you don’t need a “Guru” ... because God has already sent you a Savior … and a prophet.

One day I was able to talk to someone who knew Kim Clement.  I asked if Kim could come onto our call.

Kim made a statement that really got to me (4 years ago).

He (Kim) was understanding that Donald Trump would be the next President of the USA … and he was talking about the Iraqi Dinar.

My friend introduced me to Kim Clement.  Kim graciously came on our call.

When we were talking on the cc … I asked him about the IQD for his interpretation.  He did not talk about Trump … but he said that the spirit told him there would be NOTHING, NOTHING and NOTHING … and then SUDDENLY.

When you look at that in comparison to years … (4 years ago) … and he said this would only happen when the DOW hit 20,000.

That’s what the spirit was telling him.

My gosh … if he wasn’t right.

3 seasons (years) of nothing … and now this season … so much rain.

I’m not a prophet … I don’t know anything about what Kim Clement shared with us … but I am impressed.  Very impressed.  He may not be with us in a physical manner anymore … but I believe he is with us in the spiritual manner.  We miss you Kim.  We will take the baton.  We will do our best.

BTW – the 20k (DOW) has nothing to do with the IQD … it’s a byproduct of it.

Today … everyone is bowing to the DOW.  Today, the DOW hit over 20k.

Tomorrow … pay attention to certain things.

I talked with Delta.  He is excited.  He looked over the files … to him it all makes sense in the MOOKLA of 2017 … but still no rate on the CBI website.  Now over 25 days.

Delta finds it interesting that the GOI is saying that they are NOT going to pay any salaries this week .. instead they will pay them next week to protect the CBI reserves.
Oh my goodness!  I’ve never seen anything like that before!  That is a first!

Oh my goodness!  It’s pretty cool!

That is powerful.

I know that you all missed it … because no one said anything about it when the article was put out.

I believe that tonight … I’ve made my point.

Check out the CBI website … check out the international markets … you know … the ones that stay open 24/7.  Check out FOREX.  Start paying attention to your investment … starting tomorrow.

Don’t be depressed if you don’t see anything that means anything to you. If my opinion has any value in our calculations … the maybe 3 days later … you might see more evidence.

Another thing … before we open to Q and A … right now … as much as they aren’t talking about it … there is a community of private sectors that is now involved with the monetary reform … at an international network/structure.  The private sector is so broad … so vague.

Often that causes problems for people like you and I because they’re off the book and are hard to make sense of the puzzle.

But, the private sector is where you would be able to see these large numbers that I’m talking about.

Don’t forget … all of this is in my opinion.
Start to look tomorrow … then 3 days to SEE MORE CLEARLY.

Students like you and I … this looks like a puzzle … but the private sector is where you would see these large numbers that I’m talking about.

Again … all of this call is IMO.

According to our calculations … start to watch tomorrow.
You’ve see POST … that talks about double … I can’t explain that one to you.

Tomorrow … I will be involved in meetings, one after another after another.

This might be the most powerful CC I’ll ever delivered to you … without saying much.

Be strong … and then be stronger … and after that (the RV) … you’re going to have to be even stronger.


Q and A Segment --  (LiveStream video timer shows 3:01:22)  -- sorry family, I didn’t have time to re-listen to this section.  Please enjoy listening to this as you can.  Frosty

Q- What kind of meetings do you have Frank?

A- Fair question. Stop and think about it … if we are where I think we are .. the next phase is preparation.  How much are you going to exchange?  If it was 1 to 1 … how much would you exchange?  Will it be higher than 1 to 1?  Listen to this cc.  The cap may be pulled.   I’m certainly not going to exchange all of it … and to protect it from … termites.

Pay your taxes. If you’ve bragged to family members about your dinars … watch out for the family members who will come out of the wood work.   Be careful of the cost of a house you get.  Do you know what it costs to keep that house?  Insurance on a million dollar home.  Can you make those monthly payments?  How about property tax?  Maintenance?  These are questions that I will be dealing with certain people.

I find it interesting to know people who have money.  Get to know some other millionaires.  How do they make money to protect their money.  Annuity?  Trust?  Monthly dividend that would make your monthly house payment?    Use money to make money.  Do your due diligence.  You cannot ask me for answers to these questions.  I am not license and qualified as a financial expert.  Banks are in business to lend you money … just be careful not to miss payments.  Obviously we are going to prepare … and so should you.

Q – What is your opinion of the DOW hitting 20k?

A – I think that the DOW hitting 20k is indicative of the confidence of our economy.  Trump is a business man … and brings a completely different perspective and attitude.  Example:  when NAFTA came along, I almost threw-up.   Yes, I’m a Mexican … but I am an AMERICAN!  I wasn’t thrilled when Bush did that – NAFTA open the door for industrial America to leave.  Trump is taking all of the bad away … like ObamaCare.  We became like Canada where it take 1.5 years to see a doctor.  The 20k is not a part of the monetary reform.  It’s a byproduct of it.  If Iraq won’t raise the value of their currency, we’ll take their oil.

As far as the Virginia bill … something like no tax on gold … that should be IMO … it’s like currency.  I don’t believe it should be illegal to hide gold like some politicians believe.

Q – Do you think Iraq is on a float?  Did they RV?

A – I started by saying “Happy FV Day” … I can’t say it any other way.  Some don’t believe me – and that’s ok.  IMO … the CBI is allowing for differences.  What happens when they use their own currency?  It adds value and trust.  Within their own country … has that increased to 1 to 1 … which in the international world is 1.15.  Maybe more.  Be careful with your temptation.  Patience is a learned discipline.  Give 72 to 78 days before you commit to exchange the bulk of your currency.

Q – The time frame for the MOOKLA.  Are you talking about the tax quarter date?

A – MOOKLA means the start of the start.  We as a Team categorize that as Jan-Mar.  We believe that somewhere in January is the MOOKLA.  That is where we are right now.

Q – I’m speaking for my brother Robdel.  He was a very studious person.  He introduced me to this and F26.  I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  We are ready to go.  We paid attention and listened to you.  Although Robdel’s RV has already happened … we are waiting and ready.

A – I spoke with Robdel’s wife.  Thank you sir!

Q – I’ve gotten more from you than anyone.  Just wanted to say thanks.  I hope I can keep up with you after.

A – I hope you have cookies for me!

Q – Why would they come out at 1 to1 … then raise it to 3+ … would that allow us to buy more at 1 to 1.

A – Go to a shopping mall and ask 1,000 people … tell them you are doing a study … how do you feel about putting the IQD in the investment portfolio.  They wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.  We are a very, very small grouping of those who hold IQD.  The currency that we exchange, goes to the US Treasury … they accumulate it … pile it up … along with what they already have piled up.  Did you see today how Trump talked about removing our deficit.  How?  Does he have a credit card? J  Don’t worry about 1 to 1.  Seriously … it takes a lot of dinars to buy more dinars once that rate goes up

Q – How do you see other countries reacting to Iraq’s announcement … or do you see that happen later on … say 72 days later.  Also Zimbabwe.

A – In my opinion … No country is waiting for the IQD to go first.  I don’t subscribe to Global Currency Reset.  I don’t see it (other than dinar world).  I don’t believe that these other counties are waiting for Iraq.  It all depends on the IMF.

Each country is fighting for it’s own power of its currency.  IMO – I don’t see the Zim going anywhere for a long while.  Our Teams will continue to study … but I will NOT continue to teach it.  A currency that might be next … maybe a ½ year to a year from now might be the VND.  They are far more advanced than others.  The Indonesia Rupia may be something to study.  Do not put your study on baskets.

Q – Digital banking account?  Do we need one?

A – You already have one.  Your account at the bank is electronically taken care of with the US Treasury and the banking system.  We are slowly moving away from cash … becoming a cashless society.

Thank you for being with us tonight.

Take this CC to God in prayer.

You might want to re-listen to this call.

You have homework to do.

This Friday’s TeamChat … Oh Boy!

I’m praying to God … that when it comes to Monday … we might be studying that period (.) that I talked about earlier.

Yes, my broker is still selling ... but the moment we have an increase, we will shut it down.
I have a new mission to complete.

<prayer / shofar>

Special note made to all KTFA admins after the prayer …

FRANK26 -- ADMINS – I about to do something ... please, please Admins ... no jealousy please … tonight at 12:30 EST … I will unite with our teams … Aggiedad, I’d like for you to listen in … so you can witness what you will hear tonight.


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