Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jimi has the 800#'s! 1/7/17, 8 JAN

I haven't been watching the posts for a while, but I see some are still waiting.

I'm surprised that people are still waiting for that 800 number.

You do call the 800 number and then they give you a local number to your area.

For me it was not so local but I have no complaints as I have waited for years.

I have an appointment for next week. Why are they not posting the number here?

I only came back to see the excitement with everyone. But I see that the number is not posted, I had wondered if it was the same one that I had recieved, but there is none. What is going on here?



I called last Wednsday, Jan 4th

I found the number on my cell phone, it keeps calls I get and calls that I make.

So, just a few minutes ago I tried the number again and it gave me the expired recording.
I wanted to verify that it was okay to share, but no one was there.

I didn't ask for rates, I was so relieved, but if I can, I'll share what happens this coming Weds. the 11th.

I was asked what currencies I was holding, Zimbabwe Dollar, Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Afgahni.

So then I was told the local number. Very short conversation, but I have the appointment the 11th.

I had to stop getting information from here when all of the BS started. It's a business transaction.

You are exchanging foreign currencies.

I'll post again with anything new, I'm so sorry most of you are still waiting. I do know how it feels.


I'm in Watsonville and have to drive to San Jose
1-11-2017 @ 3PM
I haven't signed anything so I think it's okay to share
I haven't seen the posts at dinar chronicles sine June of last year.
Like I said, I was hoping to share the excitement with everyone.

my 800 number is no longer in service, just a busy signal
[url=tel:%28800%29 928-4356](800) 928-4356[/url]

local number is not so local, I'll have to drive some 50 miles.

HSBC in San Jose
[url=tel:%28408%29 389-8359](408) 389-8359[/url]

It seems some are just mean here so this will be my last post


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