Friday, January 6, 2017


DR. CLARKE: We wanted to give you a quick update, as of the end of the day (Thursday), rather than leave you hanging. We'll be short and direct. We don't feel that this weekend of the 7th-9th, will produce, what you all are looking for. Quite a bit has changed over the past few days, significantly. 

About 2016: The last 2 weeks of December 2016 did produce public funding outside the country of Iraq, with a handful of notable, credible banks newly trading & exchanging the Dinar - which is really Big......but without a substantially increased rate, unfortunately.....Yet. We missed that one, regarding the rate......which, we've come to understand now, just how deeply hidden some of the True facts are, the blatant Deception taking place on so many top levels - even at the highest levels, and the increasing falsity of especially All PUBLIC MEDIA, such as News Articles, Television reports, Public Statements and more.......of which NONE can be trusted.......when large amounts of wealth & power, is being considered - and certainly is NOT going to telegraph a date or even "window" of time to you, or anyone else publicly. The Bosses are just not that "Stupid".
In our very unprofessional, weird opinion, as of right now, ANYTHING can happen, Truly - and it's certainly NOT LOGICAL. So, we're done with this portion of information, because our work here now, is finished. We could throw some dates out there that we feel are significant, but we're not going to do that. What we want to do, is perhaps say hello, on the other side, of the official Public Exchange frenzy, which in our view, is sure to take place. 

So, we'll leave you with this.......remember awhile back when we mentioned April?

Keep a Smile on your face, and know it could happen at any Moment......while you fully Live in All Your Precious Moments......if you Choose.

We Intend the Very Best for ALL. It's been a Blast!
Dr. Clarke

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