Friday, January 20, 2017


1-20-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   […do you find it odd we haven't seen any statements from the World Economic Conference by Iraqi officials?]  I do - I find a lot of things VERY strange lately...so much progress - much like the IBAN being accepted and utilized and we heard about it a week later… anyone notice the CBI has updated their Currency Buy/Sell listing on their website since 1/4??  …very odd (to say the least)...we may have to be digging to find the exact time of any value change - we use to say "just check the CBI".  That's out the window...   …it's gonna' happen overnite - we will (hopefully) know quickly, but we might have to dig and verify.  IMHO.   [Is there any chance that we have already had a value change, but has not been posted on the CBI?]   anything is possible - but we have such broad contacts, I just doubt it has.  [If we dont look at the CBI for the rate change, where will we find that information?]   We're gonna' be looking at everything in context... probably some kind of "inter-bank memo" since they in the process of "re-engaging" right now.  [can they have a rate and not showing it? How are they doing business other wise?]  …the "not showing" part is not a long term thing - we'll know pretty soon. No matter what.

1-20-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling 
 …It’s not what they’re saying it’s what they’re doing is what you need to understand the most…the CBI said they’re going to raise the value of their currency.  The Ministry of Planning, parliament say the value is going to go up.  I don’t need them to say anything if I’m watching their maneuvering and I understand how they’re going to compete.  Then I understand how they’re going to add value to their currency.  I really don’t have to hear anybody “say” anything.  I just watch what they do.  It’s not what they say it’s what they do that’s most important and the CBI is maneuvering in our favor if you’re investing in Iraq.  So don’t get too crazy on what everybody says…just watch what the CBI does.  Watch what the ministry of Planning is doing and how they’re doing it.

1-20-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   …the RV is pending due to having the needed security and stability and this “security” is the needed stability the CBI keeps talking about is the liberalization of Mosul and this “stability” in getting the banking sector up and running along with fighting corruption and money laundering. They are doing this in amazing speed with new regulations and internal and international standards. I hope that by now you all realize this is the goal and the way to get the RV.  So the FACT is at some point they need an international currency once in article 8…they have already promised to abide by all the articles and conditions. They also do not yet have a global currency from the sense necessary for what we want. The IMF is  closely working with Iraq to get them to the place they need to be to meet all these conditions of article 8.  This movement to article 8 is dynamic and ongoing.

1-20-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Tuesday night we talked about is the plan for us to have this blessing prior or after the inauguration of President Trump. On Tuesday I told you I believed the intention was to have it prior…we still do not have the Go signal…I am not sure I can say it will happen prior to the Inauguration. Could something happen over night? It could be possible.  Maybe all breaks loose with the release we are looking for…shortly after the swearing in of the new president. That would be wonderful. We are hearing also Iraq’s Prime Minister Abadi is in Iraq still and is sort of waiting for the announcement to come so that he can release the dinar internationally.  It has been revalued in the country.  I am excited where we... The timing is close.   I believe everything is ready.   Our time is coming shortly.
1-19-2017  **  Dinar Guru Community News **  I'm saddened to report the dinar community has lost another guru.  Guru RCookie has passed at the age of 53.  Whether you agreed with his thoughts on the dinar or not he brought passion and a unique perspective for us all to enjoy and debate.  RCookie added much to the conversation.  He will be missed dearly.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  The latest guru posts will continue below...

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