Thursday, January 5, 2017


Stardot wrote 
42m ago
somebody got a printout of rate quote at a citibank $250,000 for 1 million IQD

Stardot wrote 
42m ago
on tnt board

Stardot wrote 
38m ago
the source is the person who got the printout from a teller

Stardot wrote 
41m ago
i called the automated number and is the old rate so....

nwmontana wrote 
31m ago
I saw the "scoop"..it was riveting, and I am now making calls to confirm

rusdav wrote 
25m ago
I saw the TNT stuff too and it was exciting. No point in knocking it as the member who brought has been with us for years

taxmom wrote 
16m ago
TNT member just reported that Citi's rate changed back

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