Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bruce's The Big Call, 25 JAN

 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. One of the first Executive Orders that President Trump signed after his inauguration had to do with eliminating or reducing taxes on our upcoming currency exchanges.

2. Jack Lew resigned from other positions but still holds the seat of Secretary of the US Treasury. Once the new US Treasury Secretary is seated it will automatically put the US on the asset and gold-backed monetary system.

3. This afternoon intel was that the new US Treasury Secretary did not have to be seated for the RV to go through.

4. The bonds of Tier 2 and 3, or Heritage Funds were released today Jan. 24 2017.

5. Funding in paymaster accounts were to be released this afternoon to pay the platforms in the process right now.

6. Iraq has had a new rate on bank screens since Jan. 1 and as of today, the Iraqi people's Q cards have a Dinar value of $4.64.

7. Bruce thinks the Dinar rate should increase quite a bit in the near future.

8. The Iraqi national banking law (containing the new rate) was passed today Jan. 24 2017 around 3 am EST.

9. The laws need to show up in the Iraqi Gazette to be official.

10. Abadi and other officials are rumored to be coming to the US tonight or tomorrow morning Jan. 25 2017.

11. A big group of global officials (China, South Africa, India, Brazil and other Brics countries) were rumored to be coming to the US by this Friday Jan. 27 2017.

12. China wants this to RV by their New Year, which is this Sat. Jan. 28 2017.

13. The Zim (because it is a bond, not a currency) was expected to be exchanged by the Chinese New Year Sat. Jan. 28.

14. We have heard that since last year the Zim has been on a one to one with the US dollar.

15. When the new rates populate on the bank screens this is considered done.

16. You can leave your exchange with a credit card with quite an amount of money on it as well as up to $10,000 in cash bundles of $2,500 each.

17. Your money will be put in a temporary trust account (have some names written down to call it) until you decide what to do with it. Know who you want to be named as Trustees of your accounts as well as your beneficiaries.

18. We are at the precipice of this going at any moment, with the Chinese wanting it by Sat. Jan. 28 2017.

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