Tuesday, January 10, 2017



1/10/17 GOOD BYE, FAREWELL, ADIOS: Tonight one person shall be saying goodbye to the nation. With that farewell also goes the negative energies of all those who were behind him. 

Many a folks are right now riding through a very bad storm in there lives,many are hurting economicly and health wise. I know for many approach me on a daily basis. While I pray over them I have asked the almighty for the signs of this blessing coming. 

The answer  is here in the now and what was far fetched for many now will be a reality. Our laws blessed by God Jehová and His son Jesus are being reinstall everywhere in the United States. Morals,respect and honor is also being restore, we have gone to the top of the mountain, we have given knee and now we will see how our faith in almighty God manifests itself in the hearts of us all and in the minds of our country and government. 

All things evil has been swept and all areas have been mopped CLEAN. 

As we await the FINAL go (within hours according to sources) let me remind you of all the challenges that lure ahead, please be wise, please be safe, do not be ignorant or irresponsible with how you will let the world know of your new found fortune for the predators are waiting to see who shines to take advantage of this new wealth. 

Be   smart when in the bank and remember you now have wealth and power so use it in your favor and do not let any bank personal ride you.

You have the upper hand, use it.

The real change that we all expected for the Earth is finally here and this is the year of jubilee,  abundance, peace, truth and freedom in all levels.

I want to thank you for riding through this storm with me, I am proud of each and everyone of you, your faith is mind blowing to say the least.

God is proud of you and I am sure that you will come forth and help to make both our Nation and the rest of the world a great place to live in.

Yes ladies and gentlemen we will receive that number at any instance now. And if I get the number before anyone, after verifying it's legitimacy I will forfill my promise to forward it to all.

May you be forever blessed, may you be prosperous, may you have health, may we have peace, Happy New Year and Happy Journeys,

​Na'maste Bluwolf

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