Saturday, January 7, 2017


BGG  ...everyone (me included) has operated under this premise that "they" wouldn't tell us...like it's some big secret... "the WHALES would sweep in and buy up Iraq for pennies on the dollar"...WHO WOULD THE WHALES BUY IT FROM? 

The amount of Dinar in circulation outside of Iraq is a set number - they could care less who owns it...me - you - the guy down the street... it's all the same to them.   ...these articles they are printing are for their own people and their own purposes. Nothing to do with us... we are actually the little fish in this whole play.   ...the currency "re-integration" is NOT THE BIG PLAY HERE.

 Big time traders will make money on this the same way they always do - by trading once this new market goes digital and is accessible...and the big play is the "wall of investment capital" Iraq will get hit with once this happens.

Once they are fully re-integrated in the world economy - THIS IS THE REAL PLAY. 

Member: [The first few days on the ISX after their currency is international is going to be facinating.] 

BGG: Could be the biggest single movement in this whole happening.

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