Sunday, January 15, 2017


TNT's Elderjb:   Wells Fargo Foreign Teller
After listening to Ray on the C.C. I decided to address this currency issue again with my local Wells Fargo Bank located in Chandler, AZ today so I called and spoke with one of my regular tellers.

I've purchased & exchanged Vietnamese Dong from this bank on numerous occasions in the past, the tellers know me by name.

In the past they have always denied, flat out, any present or future dealings with the Iraq Dinar.

Knowing what we know because of TNT I asked the million dollar question after checking on Dong rates which had not changed, are you guys buying or selling Dinar?

He replied which one? I said the Iraq Dinar, and he replied NOT YET!

I responded you can't leave me hanging like that what do you mean by not yet, do you have information, have you heard something?

He hesitantly said, well yes WE WILL BE just not yet, we've been briefed!

I know this is not a blockbuster event but I've been a customer at this branch for almost two years and all tellers including a couple of private bankers that I've seen have always denied the Iraq Dinar.

 I'm on cloud 9 myself TNT.

 I can walk to this bank and they validate on site.

Thanks Ray, Tony and all of our intel team/members, You guys ROCK. I hear the RV train a coming.

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